Chapter 11: Preparation

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The next day, you, Shinobu, Muichiro and Kyojuro decided to go back to headquarters while the others either returned to their estates or went on missions. Shinobu had left early on to check onto the Kamaboko squad, leaving you with Muichiro and Kyojuro.

"So Y/N! Why are you going to headquarters? Were you summoned by Oyakata-sama as well?" He started, glancing over at you. "No, actually. I'm going to go to Maeda-san to get my new uniform. As much as I like this one, I'm not fond of the opening in the middle."

"Though.. why is Mitsuri's uniform different from Shinobu's? I thought all female uniforms were the same?" You asked, crossing your arms. "Eh? You don't know? I thought you got yours the same way?" Muichiro spoke, joining into the conversation. You began explaining how you wore your mother's uniform and didn't need to get a new one. Kyojuro laughed wholeheartedly, telling the story of how Shinobu burned her original uniform in front of Maeda and threatened her to make a proper one.

You laughed while Muichiro just smiled. The sound of you laughing made him feel giddy and he couldn't quite suppress the feeling. "Oh, Y/N, someone is coming towards us. He looks excited." You stopped in your tracks, eyeing the person in front of you. You smiled, running to the person in front of you.

A male around your height stood in front of you, his stoic expression remained. Despite his gender, his features were feminine like. His plum hair reached just above his shoulders, the tips being a shade of wisteria. He had long lashes with E/C eyes. Anyone would've mistaken him for a female at first but it seems Muichiro noticed right away.

"What are you wearing?" He asked, cringing. He took of his own haori, placing it onto your shoulders while you explained. "You can wear this for now, I just came to drop off something. Bye bye, N/N."

"Aww, stay for a while!" "I have work to do, you go, I'll be fine." "Alright..." The two Pillars watched you two hug before your twin brother left. The Flame Pillar approached you, placing a hand onto your shoulder. "It must be nice to reunite with your sister! I have a sibling as well!" He exclaimed proudly while Muichiro just stared at the sky. You snorted.

The three of you eventually went inside the headquarters. Fortunately, Maeda gave you a normal uniform, seemingly terrified even when you haven't threatened her at all. You happily made your way to the hall, watching the three boys challenge Kanao and Aoi. You gasped in awe, seeing that they were able to catch up. You gasped a little too loudly, making them turn their heads to you.

"Ah, uh... hello everyone..?" You got out of your hiding spot, watching as a certain blonde made his way to you. "Y/N-CHAN, YOU CAME TO MARRY ME!" He lunged at you, arms spread wide. You dodged and ran behind Inosuke, using him as a shield. "You're definitely improving!" "OI, OLD HAG, YOU WEAK OR SOMETHING?" The boar head yelled out, pointing a finger at you.

"Ah, Y/N-chan, since you're here, will you help us? They have improved quite a lot." Aoi stated, crossing her arms. Kanao only smiled while waving at you. You pondered before agreeing, taking your place at the table.

"Y/N-chan~! I'll challenge you first, so don't go easy on me~!" Zenitsu scrambled to his seat in front of the table, more confident than ever. You smiled while closing your eyes, a shadow casting over your face.

"Since you're all so confident, I'll make sure to not hold back then." Everyone seemed to flinch at the change of atmosphere. Zenitsu began to sweat but he shook his head.


Everyone... was totally beat. Even though they could beat Kanao or at least catch up to her now, they realized you were on a whole different level. Maybe it was because you were a Pillar? Tanjiro wasn't even remotely close to catching you. You seemed to be able to turn immediately and he would stumble everytime.


"Oh, you wanna ask if Y/N uses any special technique?" Tanjiro nodded, determined to beat you. "Well, she didn't really train under anyone so I guess it is intriguing. I think it has something to do with her breathing style."

"Breathing style.. you mean Breath of The Soul, right?" Shinobu nodded, placing a hand under her chin. "If I recall correctly, her breathing style connects her to the spiritual world. Her concentration is stone hard so it's like everything is in slow motion for her." Tanjiro was amazed at the thought. Connection to the spiritual world? That's fucking lit man.

"Ah, why don't you ask her personally. Wouldn't that be easier, Tanjiro?" The said person waved his hands around in embarrassment. "W-well, I guess I want to surprise her." The male bowed and thanked the Pillar, exiting the room.

Tanjiro watched as you conversed with Kanao, Inosuke trying to fight you while your arm was outstretched to stop him. He chuckled to himself, making his way to the hall to train more in hopes of beating you.


This chapter is kinda short.
Also a small doodle of Yuki, don't mind the eyes or skin though!! I originally wanted to make it plain white so I didn't need to pick a skin colour but I used a lighter shade of the beige colour I used because straight up white scarves me sometimes.

Also a small doodle of Yuki, don't mind the eyes or skin though!! I originally wanted to make it plain white so I didn't need to pick a skin colour but I used a lighter shade of the beige colour I used because straight up white scarves me sometimes

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It's going to be the Future Train Arc soon, what do you think will happen?

Will Y/N join the fight?

Will Kyojuro live or die?

Will Y/N come out alive?

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