Look at the time

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Hey wolves guess what i got for chiratmas. No not potatos. No not a puppy but dora every year im freakin annoy of that every year (x-mas day a normal day lol not nomr hahah) my grandma gets me dora my grandpa cant help he cant walk very well the drugs mess him up (medications) but my grandma should know now that i dont like dora i want hats 2015 i want to wear more hats but i dont own any so i use hean bands (arr the call that) but my grandma could have gotten me a sweater i would have love it (its looks i i forgot how to spell and use periods). It would be fine if she gave a pillow a blankets socks potatos nail poilsh to paint stuff toys food candy cookies but no every year it has to be dora. Sorry guys if u didnt want to read my rant about chirstmas its just so frusterating bye

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