CHAPTER | 1 | In Which A Kingdom Falls

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Dedicated to @Clarxity because she's an amazing writer and I got the idea for my story from two of hers 'Apollo' and 'Ares'.

•Chapter 1•

•Rosalia Kellans' Point Of View•

I am running through the dark forest in my human form, I didn't have time to shift before they had attacked.

For weeks on end the pack elders wouldn't stop warning the Alpha of an up coming attack. We had our finest warriors preparing for battle, but nothing could get us ready for when he made the first move.

I am not far from my pack house, I can still hear the cries of my brethren, the wails of children being slaughtered and their mother's screams as they watch their babies being killed.

My father stayed behind with my mother, them being the Alpha and Luna they have a fierce loyalty to their pack. They made me leave because they didn't want to see their only child die in front of them.

Sobs wrack my form as I stumble on a rock but I right myself before I can fall. My breathing is coming out in short pants- my lungs burn from hyperventilation and exhaustion.

The cries are fading now but they are forever etched into my memories. I stop for a moment, leaning against a tree for support.

That was my first mistake.

I hear a low growl coming from a wolf that is near by. I let out a small whimper and quickly look around for a way to get out of here.

I start to climb the tree I was leaning against, never stopping until the branches start to get flimsier.

Latching onto the trunk of the tree I look down at the earth below me, seeing two wolves; one brown and one a dark grey, sniffing around the area I was just in.

I can feel my grip slipping on the trunk of the tree, I try to dig my nails into the bark but one hand slips I grasp on to a branch but it snaps and falls to the ground.

If the wolves had suspicions of me being in the area before, they definitely know now.

I hold my breath as I look down, the two wolves are growling lowly in their throats as they stare up at me.

I let out a loud growl in response, my Alpha command radiating through. My nails are bleeding and my fingers are getting sore since it's one of the only things supporting me, I cannot put all of my weight onto the branch I am crouched on because it will snap if I do so.

I slowly start to stand up, trying to make it to a thicker branch on the other side of the tree. I am brought out of a stable state of mind when I smell a scent so good my head starts to go light and my eyes roll into the back of my skull.

I snap out of my trance when I feel the branch supporting me start to bend somewhat. Letting out a fierce growl, I dig my nails further into the tree and wind my legs around the trunk.

I start to slowly inch my way around the tree and make my way towards the thicker branch; the insides of my legs becoming raw from the bark scratching the sensitive skin and my shorts doing nothing for protection.

The scent is very close now and it takes all of my will power not to let it clog up my senses. I make it to the other branch peacefully and rest all of my weight onto it.

That was my second mistake.

I guess I overestimated the strength of the branch because as soon as I rested all of my weight on to it, it snapped.

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