2. Hopeless

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A/N: Here is the second part of my story. Hope you enjoy it. :)



I was really proud of myself. My first day went really well. I didn’t really teach them anything yet but I just had the feeling that they accepted me. I hope it would stay like that.

When I arrived on my first day, the principal said that I would be as stressful as a permanent teacher but he thought I could manage that. At least for the time they were looking for a full-degree teacher to take over again. I was quite sure as well – I could handle a few weeks.

After this experience, which will definitely help me, I would go back to being only a student teacher and let the full-degree teachers do the hard stuff. And I would go back to university to finish my teaching degree. Come on, a few weeks and just high school kids… that couldn’t be so hard, could it?

I loved the arts and would rather work in a theater, but I had to look realistically. I loved teaching and plus, I needed the money. And teachers were pretty well paid. Yeah, money was important for me. My family never had a lot of money and I was raised pretty ordinary. My childhood wasn’t bullshit, it was great actually, but I promised myself I would earn more money. I always wanted to stand on my own feet and I don’t want anyone to help me. And I’m already looking forward to the day when I finally have enough money for a bigger apartment, because the one I lived in currently was way too small. I knew I could pay that in maybe six or seven months. But today was only day two…

I sat on my chair behind the teacher’s desk and just stared at the clock until it finally rang and the students started walking in the room. I gave all of them a warm smile. Of course I was scared that they wouldn’t take me serious and just don’t listen to me. I definitely didn’t want to be a boring teacher that everyone just despised. I wanted to be a funny teacher, but I wouldn’t make it too easy for them.

I tried to place the names with faces as the students walked in. I only forgot a few of them, but I would try to remember them all at the end of this or at least the next lesson. Sauli was included to those faces I could easily order the name to, no one in this class was European, so I remembered that easily. I saw him sitting alone when he had lunch the day before and that really bothered me actually. When he gazed at me, he stumbled over his feet but was able to hold himself up on the edge of a desk. I chuckled a little when I saw that. That was so adorable. He looked okay as he was on his way to a free desk, but I asked anyway.

“Are you okay?”

Sauli just nodded in embarrassment as he settled down on the desk next to the windows.

Even though the lesson already started, everyone was still talking to their friends and the students around them. It was very loudly in this classroom. What I had noticed is, that the blond-haired boy that just nearly fell and nobody really cared about, just stared out of the window, not talking to anyone. That really made me sad.

I rolled my eyes in annoyance because no one thought about shutting up. “Hey!” I yelled and tried to catch their attention. “Please sit down everybody. We really need to start working today.” I said and nearly everyone was annoyed now. Why? They really thought I would just let them do what they wanted to do and that’s it?

“You can eat your lunch when it’s time for that.” I said to a boy sitting in the back, who just took a big bite of his sandwich. “No eating in my lesson.”

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