prologue !

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kuroo jumped at the yelling of his name, taken from his trance. 

"jesus kuroo, you've been looking out the window for the past five minutes. what could possibly be so interesting?" the short, brunette, questioned.

"i just- i just didn't know our school had a garden and even if i did know i didn't think people actually used it. thats all.. did you know, yaku?"

"how did you not know??"

"wh- im sure a lot of people don't know."

"literally everyone knows."



kuroo let out a sigh before averting his gaze back to the garden, or rather, the person who was tending to it. the boy wasn't anything extraordinary. he was just there. even with his oddly bleached hair, he seemed to blend in considering kuroo didn't recognize him. and kuroo knew most people and if not, he could easily remember a face. maybe that was why he was so curiou about the boy, he was there but, not. turning his head back to his friend, he wanted an opinion.

"oy, yaku."


"do you recognize him?" kuroo pointed out the window.

"who?" yaku's eyebrows furrowed, his confusion evident.

"him-" looking back out the window kuroo found that the boy was gone. "oh uh, nevermind," the raven haired boy let out a nervous laugh. 

walking down the hallways, kuroo started to zone out, his mind on a certain boy.

"no- kuroo we are not doing this again. get it together!" yaku kicked his friends back once he noticed how he zoned out. 


"stop zoning out. seriously, what the hell are you even thinking about??"

kuroo cleared his throat, "nothing important.." not watching where he was going, he heard a grunt and felt something hit his chest, or rather someone. all he needed was to see the blond and brunette combination to have his attention instantly drawn. though, he found who he was looking for. it wasn't exactly on the best terms. soil was scattered around the boy who was sitting on the floor's small figure.

"shit.." kuroo quietly cursed to himself.

"see. this is what im talking about. WATCH. WHERE. YOURE. GOING," the brunette lectured his friend, "apologize."

"i'm so so sorry," kuroo locked eyes with the victim. he couldn't read them. they didn't seem angry? or sad? they were seemingly emotionless. the dual colored hair boy gave a small nod before getting up, collecting the plastic pot, and walking past the two third years.

"is he not going to do anything about the soil-" yaku stared at the floor.

"uh- i guess not.." kuroo replied but, he wasn't paying attention. all he watched was the back of the boy from the garden as he walked out of sight.

hey mfs. this is just the prologue so its short as hell <3

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