Emo Baby Daddy

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This is a baby daddy so it will have a sex scene please not read if you don't like sex scene storys thanks


How You Met: Detention. That's the short answer. But if you want the long answer, here it is. So you were in History class, which no one likes. I mean why would you wanna sit in a crowded class room and listen to your old hag of a teachertalk about old, dead dudes? For real. Anyways, as a result, you kinda of started to dose of. And when I say kinda I mean full out sleeping! Your teached walked over to your desk and slapped a ruler down on it and, needless to say, it woke you up right away. "Lisa! Detention, today after school!" You groaned. You knew you wouldn't be able to get out of it so you didn't say anything. So at the end of the day, you went to the room where detention was held. You walked in and sat at a desk in the back of the room. You looked around the room and your eyes landed on Aaron. Let's just say, he's kinda the school bad boy. And there for all the girls think he's hot. You weren't gonna deny it, you pretty much thought the same. But you weren't gonna through yourself at him. As a matter of fact, you two had never talked. After sitting in the stupid detention room for what seemed like hours, the teacher dude told everyone they could leave. You jumped up and left. But as soon as you got out the door everything fell out of your bag. You groaned and bent down to start picking it all up. Then you seen another set of hands helping you. You looked up and were suprised to see itwasAaron helping you. "Thanks." You said shyly. "No problem." Aaron smirked. "So, you goin' to

the part this weekend?" He asked. "Uhm, n-no." "Well, maybe you should come." He pulled a small paper out of his pocket with an adress on it and handed it to you. "Maybe I'll see ya there?" He asked. "Yeah, maybe." You blushed. "See ya 'round." He said and walked off. "see ya." You more mumbled to yourself. You nearly jumped up and down. You couldn't believe Aaron basically asked you to go to a party. Now you couldn't wait until this weekend.

That Weekend: You put on your favorite outfit and walked to the adress on the paper Aaron had given you. Thankfully it was pretty close to where you live. You could nearly hear the blairing music from your house. When you got there you wearily walked in the door and began searching for Aaron. You didn't normaly go to parties there for you didn't know anyone there.After searching for and not finding Aaron, you decided to go out back.You sat on theporch and looked up at the sky. There were only a few people out back, so you felt more comfortable. After a few minutes you felt someone behind you and turned around.To your suprise Aaron was standing there with two plastic, red cups in his hands. "Want a drink?"He asked as he sat besideyou. "Uhm, sure." You took the drink but didn't actually drink it. "So how are you Lisa?" He asked and for some reason it shocked you that he knew your name. "F-fine." You answered shyly. "Aww, don't be shy." He gently nudged you. You smiled. You talked for a while and you loosened up a little. You had finished whatever was in the cup Aaron brought you, plus two more. So you were feeling a little tipsy. But you knew Aaron would take care of you. He may be a bit of a bad ass, but that doesn't mean he's just an ass. "Let's go upstairs." Aaron said and picked you up and carried you up the stairs. He placed you down on a bed but before he could completly pull away, you pulled him down on top of youself. He laughed a little. "Wow there." You just smiled and kissed him. He kissed back right away but soon pulled away. "Are you sure you want this?" He asked. You smiled and nodded. And before long the kisses became more passionate, then clothes were coming off, then they were all of and well . . I think you can imagine the rest. When you woke up in the morning, Aaron was laying beside you, sound asleep. You quietly got up and dressed then left. You couldn't believe you slept Aaron last night but it was what you wanted. You weren't sure what this ment for you and Aaron, but you hoped you could get together now.