Hide and Seek

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                               Chapter 1

Life is a big game of hide and seek. You’re always searching for someone or something, but yet, it seems physically impossible to do it at times.  And like hide and seek, it’s never exactly... fair. There are the high class people, who ride around in limousines sipping wine and prancing around with their snooty noses up in the air. There's people like me, who sit out on their back porch all night, writing in journals or thinking about how life is a big, unfair game of hide and seek. And then there’s the poor homeless children, eating God knows what or probably nothing at all.

     The high class people are the hiders. All they have to do is wait to be found, and always are. The homeless children are also hiders, but the ones who are never found and are forced to give up, forfeit the game. The kids like me, are the seekers. We keep looking, but never succeed. It’s unfortunately, the game of life. There are winners and losers, and the ones that sadly, never make a purpose.

      Today I’m trying something different. Instead of writing, I’m drawing. And of course, thinking.  Every night during the summer I take a shower and come out on the back porch. I do things like draw, write, and listen to music or just flat out think. It’s relaxing. Sometimes on clear nights, I can see fireflies. So I take off running and try to catch them. Though I’m barefoot, I can still run fast. Next year, I’m taking track. I love to run, more than I love to….well, more than I love to anything.

     “Melina!” my mother calls, breaking my train of thought. “It’s almost ten-- You should head in now.”

       I sighed and gazed up at the stars. “I want to shine like a star. Be beautiful like one. Be admired like one. Stars don’t have to care about anything. We, unfortunately do.” I grabbed my things and watched my mother fake a smile. She says my mind works differently, though I know it doesn’t. The doctor ran tests; he says I’m perfectly normal. My mother doesn’t believe him. And sometimes I cry at night, knowing she doesn’t want me. A long time ago, the doctor told me my mother's mind works differently. That’s why she always thinks mine does, even though it doesn't. Sometimes I pretend to love her. Fake a few smiles, a few laughs. Well, what I really mean is, I do love her, she just doesn't love me. This makes it hard to love her back.

     When I get inside, I brush my teeth and hair. I put on pajamas (tank top and shorts) and go into my room. I sat on my bed. It was blue and gold, my favorite colors. I picked at the pink nail polish on my toes. I threw my head back and sighed.

    "What's the point of being here if I'm not wanted?" I thought, "Mother loves Salina and Erik. She doesn't love me, or you." Meredith is my twin sister. We share a room with each other.

    "Mel, what's wrong?" Meredith asked

    "Well," I said, "Mother doesn't love us. What's even the point in living here?" I got my voice real quiet. "I think we should run away."

                                 Chapter 2

     Meredith stared at me “What?!” Her jaw dropped down like she never would believe a word I said again. “We can’t run away, Melina!”

      “Come on Meredith. She doesn’t pay attention to us. There’s a great room downstairs and we’re living in the attic!” I looked down, “Don’t tell anybody but last night I listened in on Mother’s conversation on the telephone last night………… She wants to give us up for adoption. We were mistakes. She was drunk, and it was a stupid move to make. She hates us and she still believes I have Down syndrome! We have to leave!"

      "What...adoption?" Meredith gasped "I-I can't believe it. And why wouldn’t she tell us this?! Or even tell us we're mistakes? I mean it's perfectly normal to be mistakes but when the mother doesn't tell you.... that is just wrong. And who's our father?! Does anybody know? Does mom even know? If she is our mother! If she hasn't told us this, who knows what else she’s hiding!” Meredith sighed and flopped on to her pink and yellow bed. "It's not fair."

      I tossed a bag at Meredith, "If you think it's not fair; then start packing."

      I watched Meredith's eyes glance from me, to the bag to the ground multiple times. She picked up the bag. I thought she was going to deny it, but she walked into the closet and stuffed clothes into her bag. She did it with so much anger, she's never angry. I wanted to be in shock but I couldn't be I had to pack.

      After packing for a while, Meredith asked me how we were going to do this. I explained to her the plan I came up with. When everyone was asleep, we would make our escape. Before coming in the house tonight I set up a ladder that went to out bedroom window and we could climb down it and just run. Run until there was no where left to go………… And that was that.

                                                                  Chapter 3

A few hours later I announced I was going down stairs to see if everyone had fallen asleep yet. 

"What if you're to get caught?" Meredith asked, "What will you say?"

"Simple," I explained, "I'll just say I'm getting a drink of water, that's all."

"Alright, be careful!" Meredith called.

I crept down the stairs being careful of the creaky ones. If anyone -was- asleep, I didn't want to wake them. Carefully, I opened Salina's door and she was asleep. Erik was barely asleep but for most parts, asleep. Then mother. Yup. Asleep, too. I literally said goodbye. Cheesy right? Well if you were running away never to see your family again, you would say goodbye, too.

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