Left alone...

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I trudged all alone through the streets of olympus and those familiar tears fell from my face. I looked at Annabeth so happy with her new boyfriend who she left me for. I mean I gave up immortality twice for her, fell into tartarus and protected her and this is how she repays me.

I wandered around and Olympus was mostly empty as almost everyone was at the party being held for us winning the war against the giants. I came across a beautiful garden and went inside, it was like someone was calling me in there and i reluctantly went inside.

The garden was beautiful, Trees were everywhere so beautiful and lush, flowers of all kind grew and the moon shone brightly upon the garden enhancing its beauty. That's when I notice the statues of Peacocks adorned here and there....Then realization hit me I was in the garden of Hera the queen of Olympus, I know I should've left but the garden pulled me towards a secluded spot.

A woman was sitting there on the ground sobbing. I could'nt stand it when people cried so I ran forward to comfort her. I approached her warily and accidentaly stepped on a twig, the woman turned towards me and I forgot what I was here for I could only stare at her mesmerizing beauty.

She had lush brown hair that cascaded like a waterfall down her back, her eyes were a beautiful brown colour though right now they were clouded with tears, her facial features stood out and she had a body that every woman would want all in all she was amazingly gorgeous. She was wearing a beautiful gown that accentrated her curves and it had long sleeves and was made of the purest silk and looked like silver as it was silver in colour and silver loop earrings adorned her ears making her look extravagantly beautiful.

She snapped her fingers in front of my face and i snapped out of my daydream. This was Hera the queen of Olympus and wife of Zeus.

"Milady may I ask why are you crying?" I asked boldly and closed my eyes half expecting to be incinerated but she let out a low chuckle to which I opened my eyes surprised and stared at her but then her face turned sad again.

"My husband has cheated on me once again with a mortal." Hera whispered.

"Milady I apologize for being rude to you I did not know what you were going through and now that I think of it you are the strongest olympian, I have recently felt what it feels like to be cheated and you are strong to go through that for centuries I doubt I woulve lasted that long." I replied and her face brightened up considerably at my apology.

"Please Perseus call me Hera not Milady or Lady Hera!" She replied.

"Very well mila...Hera then you can call me just Percy." I countered much to her amusement.

I sat down on the ground beside her and hugged her dearly, she cried into my shoulder her sobs reducing to miniscule sniffles.

"Hera would you like to be my friend?" I asked her softly.

"Yes Percy I would be honoured to be your friend!" She said and gave me a smile that made my heart flutter around and I probaly skipped a few beats.

"Hera I think it's time we go back our friends would be wonering where we are." I told her softly and stood up and extended my hand out to her.

She gingerly took my hand and as she did so her long sleeves fell back a little and I noticed bruises on her arm. I made a note to ask her about them and if anyone had hurt her I would find them and hunt them down. I thought determinedly.

We walked out of her garden and went down our different paths but I doubted this was the last I saw of her. When she was talking to me she was kind and soft not like the cold Hera I knew and this made me doubt of how much I knew about her and was determined to find out more about this kind and soft Hera I had just talked to.


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