Chapter 1

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October 2nd, 2005

My alarm rang out.

Once, twice, thrice... four times? What the hell?
After the particular sound of breaking glass, it still didn't stop. I'm going to sue the people who created that kind of stuff, because they're definitely masochists. 

I ended up getting out of my bed, and, with the little patience I had left, I picked it up and turned it off. There were glass shatters all over the floor.  I started picking up the large glass shards, to throw them in the bin and also threw out the alarm. 
Once that the crime scene was cleaned  I finally had some time for myself. 

What a great way to wake up, don't you think? 

I ended up getting myself ready. I took an ample blue blouse that I associated with a knee-length black skirt. I put my jewelry on and sat in front of my dressing table. 
I brushed my hair, to put it in a high ponytail. I messed it up a bit, to make it less serious. I put on some makeup and was finally ready. 
I grabbed my bag, my diary and a few papers, and ran straight out of my apartment. 1:37 PM. I was on time. 

Once that I was in the station, I took the opportunity to breathe a bit.
My subway arrived, and it was sadly full, as usual.
After around 10 minutes of uncomfortable travel, I finally had gotten to the station which was right next to my workplace
Once that I entered the building, I smiled at the staff and headed towards the staff room. There, I put on my uniform. It was composed of a blouse, with a suit vest, a fitted skirt, tights, and brogues. 

Today, I had to welcome new customers. It wasn't a soothing day. I headed towards the main counter and greeted Rose, who was my coworker. 
She just ignored me, which was a habit of hers, and handed me the phone, asking me to briefly verify the reservations. 
I spent the rest of my afternoon doing that, then welcomed new clients in the hall. After having dealt with a couple that seemed... Quite stormy, I saw a pretty woman, quietly staying in front of the huge window. 
She seemed to come from a movie, as she was wearing sumptuous clothes: a long green silk qipao and a hairpin that seemed to cost more than my entire existence had a pouch and shining silver bracelets that flattered her wrists. She was visually perfect.
But, when I headed towards her, she turned, and I stopped immediately. 

Oh, that's...

"A-Ada...?" I said, trying to not panic. See, I'm calm, and I won't panic. But... does she want to kidnap me? I hope not, I've been nice until now...

"Relax, I'm not here for you." She began, taking her usual stern voice. 

That's... Reassuring, in a sense? 

"I see that you're working here... can you help me out?" she added, crossing her arms. 

Well, it's my job, so...

"Okay, what do you need?" 

"I'm supposed to meet with someone at the restaurant, but the indications are quite... confusing. Can you get me there?" 


Once we got inside the restaurant, she thanked me and headed towards a table. 
She met with someone who seemed way familiar, but I didn't really find out why. 


I stared at this silhouette for a minute, cleaned my glasses, and...

Oh my god! It's Leon...!

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