Chapter 4 - People Hater

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CHAPTER 4 People Hater

Blake’s POV

“Stop! Stop! Blakey stop!” she squealed, her infectious giggles putting me immediately in a good mood.

“Blake who?” I questioned as my fingers continued their merciless onslaught on the hyper little girl wiggling around in hopes of escaping.

“Blakey the best big brother in the world!” she screamed in defeat, clutching her sides giggling. My mouth stretched into a wide grin as I finally stopped torturing my poor sister.

“Now was that so hard, Vickie?”

“Yes,” my five years old sister pouted with her arms crossed over her chest.

I chuckled, ruffling her hair because I knew it annoyed her. “Blaaake!” she pushed my hand away and tried to fix her hair.

Grinning, I put my arms up in surrender before leaving her to the drawings she had been coloring on the floor of the living room before I had interrupted her.

“Hey dad, bye dad,” I said as I passed by the kitchen where he was cooking diner. I heard his laughter as I entered my room.

Yawning, my body dropped on my bed like a heavy sack of potatoes. Putting my hands behind my head, I stared at the ceiling and let out a long sigh. What a long day it had been. School was hell, like always. I had a shitload of homework I should have been doing, but I couldn’t bring myself to actually do them.

My mind wandered back to today’s events. First my cousin freaked out about this Trinity girl’s return. Then I got assigned a damn tutor in stupid French class – a jock no less! And coincidently, the girl Ash was bitching about turned out to be my new tutor’s ex-girlfriend. Not to mention their lunchtime reunion had seemed interesting even if we had been too far to hear anything.

Quite a scene they had caused, although they already had practically everyone’s attention even before they had “reunited.” I have to say, it sure didn’t look like a pleasant reunion. You could literally see the smoke coming out of Blondie’s ears as she stomped away from their table fuming. Watching them had been rather entertaining, I have to admit.

A knock sounded before my door opened and my mum popped her head in. “Hey sweetie, dinner’s ready!”

I nodded as I got off my bed sluggishly and followed my mum down towards the dining room where the rest of my family was. My little sister was helping my dad set up the table when we arrived. I sat down in my chair as my mum brought the remaining plates from the kitchen.

After everyone was seated around our rectangular table, I couldn’t help but look at the empty chair opposite mine as sorrow filled me. I quickly looked away and caught my mum watching me with a sad smile. I sent her a tight smile as I grabbed a bowl of mashed potatoes and put some onto my plate. I put a little of everything until my plate was filled with food.

“How was your day honey?" My dad questioned my mum. She let out a long sigh before answering. “Long. There was an accident on the highway which involved many cars, so my day was extremely busy.” I tuned them out as my dad described his day and they continued small talk.

I wondered if there were any races for me soon and decided to ask Jackson later. I could really use a distraction right now.

“How was school, Blake?” I looked up from my plate to see both my parents staring at me with expectant gazes while Vickie was stuffing her face with potatoes.

I shrugged, “Eh.”

“Has anything interesting happened?” My mum tried to get me to elaborate more.

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