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Pen Your Pride


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wake up dude a unfimilair voice said to me i opend my eyes and saw my mother standing there trying to get me up JAECI she yelled GET UP NOW YOUR LATE i shot up and ran to the bathroom and did what everyone should do in there lives took a shower and brushed my teeth i went to go and get dressed i had on a black&blue polka dot shirt with ruffels down the middle with black shorts and black ruffel sandles my hair was in a sock bun with my chinnes bangs hanging down with big googi studs i sprayed a couple sprays of perfume and headed out i wasnt to happy to be leaving but i had no choice but to.

i was walking down the sidewalk when i heard a fimilar voive 'roc' awee look is the ugly bitch i just ignored him and kept walking next thing i new was he was walking next to me i felt something wet on my cheeck he had did a spit ball at me i heard laughter fill the area i was soo embarred but ive gotton use to it i get embrassed every day soo i didnt even mind i walked onto the bus and took the first seat on the right and looked out the window i heard people siiting there laughing at all the jokes roc did they werent even funny next thing i new something hit my head someone had threw a basketball at my head making my head hurt bad by the time i had gotton to school there was so many laughs i couldnt take i ran into the girl restroom and just cried my eyes out i finally walked out relizing i hadent gone to my locker yet and i only had 3 seconds before the bell rang i was counting in my head 1....2...3..diiinnnggg time for school yeppe ugh i had went to my locker got my things and headed to class not relizong i wasnt only 5 mins late the techer passed out a huge pop quiz i thaught to myself how much worse can this day get and it gotten worse when the next bell wrong i walked out and tripped over someones foot when i had looked up of course it was prod laughing 'oops sorry...not' he said i got up and brushed it off and quickly got my things and headed to lunch. i got my lunch and sat at the farthest table from those 4 boys but every time i sat away i always end up getting close to them by the time i went to throw my food away someone had dumbed the food all over my clothes i saw that it was ray and he just stood there and laughed and soo did the whole cafetria. i had gotton out of school and prince was pointing and laughing at me i didnt know what he was laughing at till someone hit me real hard in the back and i pulled off a sticky note and it said im a hoe want a free ride along with your whole crew i crummbled the paper up and threw it and ran off crying i didnt want to be here anymore i just wanted to leave everything of mine is worthless i get picked on everyday girls like to hurt me and boys like to feel on me i didnt want to be there i was done i had finally gotton home and did all my hw and went for a walk but i decided not to i thaught of the fact that i live super close to roc ugh everything i do i cant cuz of him when i walked outside to see if things were clear i saw all 4 boys out playing basketball shit i thaught to myself i cant do anything without them being right there it sucks

 20 mins later i had just decided to go i headed out with my lil pit bull paris and i decided to have music on blast so i couldnt here anything they were sayin when i got outside they were playing basketball when i walked passed them i kept my head down and tried not to look at them i felt something tap my shoulder i didnt know who it was soo i turned around to see prince say something i didnt know what he said soo i pulled 1 of my head phones out and asked him to reapeat what he just said he said he was just asking to pet my dog i told him sure and told my dog to sit which she did while peince was petting my dog roc had came out i told prince i had to go and i ran off i heard roc tell me to come back but i refused

prince pov

why did i ever bully her i stopped bulling her maybe 3 weeks ago i dont think she know i like her i heard roc say something about her i didnt know what and i dint care at all he was just going to keep saying shit no matter how much i try ive trird he doesnt listen i could tell she was heart-broken when i looked her in her eyes she beautiful but i dont have a shot why would she like her bully the rest of the boys had walked out and we continued to play basketball i dripped passed then i was passed to me soo i drippled and then shot and made it i told the boys to bring it in and i asked them to leave jaeci alone only thing i heard was laughs and please nooo i screamed and said WHAT HAS THIS DAME GIRL EVER DO TO U NOTHING JUST TELL ME WHAT the boys stood there in shocked because i never did like to yell i asked roc but camly and said what has she done im waiting for a answer roc said nothing its just funny i told them i was tired of the bs and i stormed off and stood in front of jaeci house waiting for her to come back after 10 min she came back and i walked up to her and kissed her when i let go she stood in shock and i told her everything i said jaeci i love you i never did mean to bully you at first i started cuz it was a lil funny but then it started to become a habit and it became worse until i decied to stop i love you jaeci u prbably wont ever want to talk to me ever again but i just wanted u to no this and im never talking to roc ray and prod again im done jaeci still just stood in shock and shook her head yes i asked what and she told me she feels the same thats when i picked her up and kissed her and then had a full on make-out with her when i relesed amd asked if jaeci would be mine she said of course i was happy after words we decided to hang out

fanialy is called MY BULLY IS MY LOVER

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