finally . shinobu x dom! female reader

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Lemon. Read at your own risk. Requested by PillowWillowTree

Shinobu's pov
Y/n starts to undress my haori as she kissed my neck leaving bruises and hickeys all over. "A-ah y/n you don't have to do this" i said, trying to contain the sounds that are coming out of my mouth. "I have to. You're mine." She threw the haori from the other side of the room and started undressing my uniform as well. From button to button. Everything feels like a bliss. "Ara~ y/n-san p-please be gentle" i say while trying to not utter a moan.

No one's pov
"Ofcourse i will." Y/n said, smiling rather sweetly. She starts to pull down Shinobu's underwear and kissing her neck to make moans escape from Shinobu's mouth. "N-no! We don't want the others to hear, do we? A-ahn!" Y/n's kisses going lower and lower and stops when she reaches Shinobu's clit. As Shinobu nods her head in approval, Y/n immediately starts to lick and suck the sensitive part and starts inserting a finger slowly inside. "G-gah! Ahn! Hmnn!" Shinobu moans and smiled knowing that its just okay as long as it's Y/n who is taking over her body.

As y/n is fingering her, she starts to feel heat in her head and started playing with her buds to feel better. "Hah! Hmnn!" Music. As those sounds came out of her mouth. You inserted a second finger and she rolled her tongue out. "F-faster, y/n!" she screamed. As y/n goes faster. Her mouth stopped licking her and instead, goes up and bites her neck hardly, creating a purple bruise. "Y/n! Im coming! Hmmh!" she screamed in the room as moans and squeaks were only heard as she squirted her juices freely in the bed. Both of you laying side-by-side in a king sized bed.

" Finally, you're mine. "

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