~Holly Jolly Christmas~ Chapter 21

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I waited quietly outside Slender Man's office waiting for (y/n) to come out and tell me her answer.

Once she comes out, I start off by asking her, "So? Are you gunn-" but before I finished she embraced me into a kiss. I hesitated before kissing back.

I broke the kiss, "So... is that a yes?" I say smiling while she nods her head.

"We better get to sleep, wouldn't want Santa to wait for us to fall asleep? Don't we?" She said, giggling after.

Gosh her laugh was so adorable. That's one of the things I liked most about her. I picked her up bridal style and made way to my room.

I set her down and she instantly started shivering. I looked over at the window, it being fully open and ran over to it and shut it.

"S-Sorry I like it cold sometimes..." I said scratching the back of my neck sheepishly.

"Being cold is just another excuse to cuddl-" she blurted out before growing redder than a tomato.
I laughed, at her embarrassment and went to her and embraced her, making her warmer.

We sat there for a while, before she stopped shivering, then I realized she had fallen asleep. I pulled the covers over her and I and went to sleep.

~time skip to Christmas morning~


I woke up, feeling warm and swaddled when I felt Toby also with me. I slowly and carefully removed his arms off me and sat up, looking at my watch. Almost squealing in excitement.


I got up, but not too quickly and rushed downstairs. No one was awake. 'Good...' I thought. I looked and scavenged the cupboards, quietly, like a ninja, and gathered the stuff I need.

It was about half an hour before the first creepypasta came down, smelling my delicious surprise.


I wake up to an aroma. A good smelling fucking aroma!!

I feel as if I am floating on a cloud down the long flight of stairs.

The scent is vaguely familiar, but I couldn't remember what it was as I glided to the end of the stairs, realizing what they were and who was making them.

(Y/N). Was. Making. Pancakes.
Right now, on how good the pancakes looked, I wonder if she was a five star chef at a twelve star restaurant.

I sat at the table, and was handed a plate of two pancakes with syrup on top. I took a bite, slowly as if testing to see if it contained poison.

After I swallowed that one bite, I felt as if my whole world flashed before my eyes.

It was that awesome.

"When did you cook so good?!" I said, in pancake paradise.

"I always used to cook chocolate chip pancakes for my family on Christmas." She replied.

"There are chocolate chips in here?!" I said, practically drooling over my pancake.

"No... I couldn't find any." she said.

You know... I would usually say 'Slendy wouldn't like you making stuff with his!' But compared to how fucking delicious these were he would definitely change his mind.

As if reading my mind, which he did a lot, Slender came in, on cue and did the whole 'OMG did you make this?' Thing that girls did when their friend made something awesome or something. Except without the OMG part.

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