Black Water (Chapter 5)

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The hand released my shoulder and I heard two people burst into fits of laughter, I turned on my heel to see Cole and Jake Waterman stepping out from one of the many alcoves in the walls. They were patting each other's backs and wiping pretend tears from their eyes.

"That's the best one yet," Cole chortled. His hand lit up so that we could all see better – Jake and Cole were both fire users - I scowled at them and crossed my hands over my chest; partly because I was annoyed and partly because Jake had already started to ogle at my chest.

"You should be careful, or I might just run to Mr Joy and tell him that Jake and Cole Waterman are grabbing girls in the dark," I said, Mr Joy was the head teacher. I glanced around; now that I had some light I could see I was two hallways away from my room so I began to walk away but Cole grabbed my arm.

"You can't leave now you only just got here," Cole said gripping tightly on my arm. I tried to yank it away but he was stronger, I could feel or the sweat on his palms, not pleasant.

"Let go of me now Cole." I growled. "Or I'll scream this place down." Cole laughed a low throaty laugh and I caught a whiff of alcohol on his breath. Now, Cole and Jake Waterman are gross at the best of times, but Cole and Jake drunk were ten times worse. Cole didn't let go even though I struggled fiercely. Jake had circled round to block my exit. I was about to open my mouth to scream when I saw Cole's eyes widen at something behind me, his grip loosened and I took the chance to rip my hand away.

"Gentlemen, I don't think your presence is needed here," a deep voice said from behind me, I turned and found myself looking at Mr Azerale. He stood with his hand on one hip and a ferocious glint in his eye. Cole and Jake seemed to realise they were in trouble because they immediately stepped away from me.

"We were..." Jake started but Mr Azerale held his hand up to silence him.

"I suggest that you and Cole go back to your rooms and stay there, and if I ever find you in a situation like this again the consequences will be... painful." Cole and Jake glanced sheepishly at me and mumbled sorry before shuffling off towards the boy's dorms. Mr Azerale lowered his hand from his waist, and I took the time to notice he was wearing a really tight shirt; fencing clearly does wonders for your muscles.

"Miss Lowerly, I suggest you take more caution when walking the halls of this school," he said.

"It was only Cole and Jake I can handle them, all it takes is a good right hook to the face," I said indignantly.

"Yes I'm sure, but there are worse things roaming about at night than the Waterman's." He replied cryptically before dropping a torch on to one of the side benches and walking off into the night whistling a tune to himself.

Once Mr Azerale had gotten out of sight I lunged for the torch turning on as fast I could. Although I was familiar with the old halls of my school at night the can be nothing less than creepy. The high walls and imposing columns on the inside make me feel about an inch tall and the glaring gargoyles on the outside send shivers down most people's backs. The prospect of people like Jake and Cole walking about at night was no comfort either. I was about to take a quick look at one of the many calendars that hung on the schools wall to see if it was a full moon when I remembered I had seen Jeremy already tonight looking quite human. Without lingering anymore I took the quickest route to my dorm. Once inside I slammed the door shut and bolted it behind me before getting changed and going to bed.

BANG BANG BANG! My eyes snapped open, I took a quick look at the clock on my bedroom table 3:30am it read, I groaned and turned onto my side trying to bring back the dream heavily featuring Hugh Jackman and Johnny Depp. BANG BANG BANG. The noise came again; it was someone banging on the door. Cautiously I picked up my baseball bat that I kept under my bed, images of the Jake and Cole incident still in my mind.   

"Ali open this fucking door god damn it," Jez's voice came from the other side of the door. I let out a sigh of relief and dropped the bat on the floor. I rushed over to the door and wrenched the bolt back to let Jez in. I caught Jez as she nearly fall down the small step below the door, a step she always forgot about when she had been drinking.

"Why the hell had you bolted our bloody door?" She grumbled at me, her words were very slurred. She clutched her at her head as she stumbled slightly. I looked at the floor and didn't answer her question not that my silence mattered much to Jez as she stumbled towards the toilet. Seconds later I heard retching noises sighing I followed her in. I was preparing myself for a long night holding her hair back.

"What did I drink last night?" Jez moaned from under her duvet that morning. I laughed before leaving her to sleep, I knew better then to try and get her out of bed after a night of heavy drinking. So I walked over to my dresser to brush my hair, and get dressed. After that was done I leaned over Jez's bed.

"I take it you won't be coming to class then," I shouted loudly before dodging the fist that came flying out from under the sheets. Jez yelled some swear words before trying to go back to sleep. Laughing I shut the curtains for her and then left the room to head towards art. I was halfway there when a arm I knew very well placed itself around my neck, I could tell without even looking that it was Cameron. I wiggled from his grip before turning to him.

"What have I told you about the no arm rule?" I asked. He grinned at me and I couldn't help smiling back at him. We walked in silence together. I saw Paige standing near her locker. She took one look at me and turned her nose up, laughing with her friends about some joke. That's when I noticed everyone we walked past either laughed or stared. Even the younger students who avoided seniors normally stared.

"I am missing something here?" I asked Cameron confusedly. Cameron sighed.

"I wondered how long it would take you to figure it out," He said.

"Figure what out?"

"Well..." He began, before pausing as if frightened to say any more. I glared at him until his mouth opened again "WellJakeandColearegoingroundsayingyousleptwiththemlastnight" he said very quickly so that I almost couldn't make sense of it, unfortunately I did.

"WHAT?!" I yelled drawing to a halt, Cameron looked apologetically at me, but I didn't need his sympathy.

I was going to kill them.

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