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Right after Chanyeol regained his ability to move and think, he scrambled up from the floor and practically threw himself towards the direction of his desk. He sat on the swivel chair and immediately stood up, the feeling of little creatures touching the leather fabric of the chair and the probability that it might stick to his clothes doesn't really sit well with the him.

And so, he has no choice but to hunch over his table and look for signs that what he had witnessed wasn't just a product of his imagination since he has a vast and rich one, if he might say so.

There were indeed little foot-shaped indents on a small rubber. There were bits of mud that can only come from the shoes of those creatures too. Chanyeol straightened up and sighed, fingers massaging his temple and trying his hardest to make sense of what's happening.

He wasn't drunk. He just ate lunch. He wasn't thirsty either. What. Is. Going. On.

The door to his office opened and his secretary's head poked out, his dark hair a stark contrast to the white wall.

“Ten minutes before the presentation for the summer campaign. Would you like me to bring coffee, sir?”

His thoughts about his current dilemma evaporated and was replaced by both excitement and nervousness. Summer's fast approaching and his team were tasked to create a collection centering on comfort and inclusivity. Minseok, a senior designer known for his androgynous designs and a good friend, had collaborated with him for this project. Today was the presentation day and all the heads and major stockholders were there to evaluate their work and decide if they would push through to the actual production and the campaign photoshoot. He needed every bit of concentration to do this succesfully and so he decided to stash this freaky incident and nodded to his assistant.

“Yes, please. Thank you, Kyungsoo.”

They proceeded to one of the conference rooms in the building. This one's set apart from the rest because it's the biggest and is only reserved for a large gathering such as today's presentation. When Chanyeol got to his assigned seat, there were people already there. They too seem to be anticipating this new collection since this is the largest one yet. The company had set aside a big amount of budget for this. They even booked the biggest stars and models for this campaign.

Not too long after Minseok arrived, the meeting began and the board members were blown away with what Chanyeol and Minseok, together with their amazing team, put together. Crop tops for men, lacey silhouette polo style shirt, linen pieces that are great for combating the unforgiving summer heat and they even took a risk with adding tropical printed long sleeves that might look a bit too much at first glance but they assured the board that the fabric used are breathable. They added monochromatic pairs of high-rise sweat short and tops. An upgraded version of trendy garments of the 21st  Century.

All of the pieces would be available in every size possible. Chanyeol's team also made it a priority to make sure that each garment can be worn by everyone and anyone.

After Chanyeol and Minseok returned to their seats and the applause had died down, the CEO of the company, Mr. Kim Yong-ha, spoke to the gathered individuals.

“Well, as I had predicted, Mr. Park and Mr. Kim gave us another wonderful collection. I guess it's needless to say that the production and the photoshoot is a go!”

Another round of applause erupted and Chanyeol can't help the grin on his face. He looked over to his friend and found him already leaning towards his ear.

“The bar my friend recommended me is also a go I assume.”

Chanyeol laughed at his friend's priority. But every success calls for a celebration. He nodded and offered to pay for the drinks. He returned his attention to the meeting as his boss spoke again.

“Mr. Park, I would like you to be present at the shoot and supervise everything. You can bring your team if you want. Treat this as a reward for another job well done. The flight details will be sent to your secretary.”

“Where are we off to this time, sir?” Chanyeol had been to multiple shoots for the company before. One of the perks of being the creative director and also the reason why he's so driven. Getting paid to do what you love and travelling for it is a rare find.

“Siargao. In the Philippines.”

It was past 2 am when Chanyeol got home. Back at the bar, he was contented in nursing  a glass of rum in the corner since getting wasted was not part of his plan. Minseok on the other hand, had drunk way past his limit and surely wouldn't be able to work tomorrow judging by how aggressively he grinded on the dance floor.

The elevator came to a stop and the door slid open with a soft ping. He stepped out into the darkened hallway, his shoes making a clacking sound on the marble floors.

Just before he opened the door to his studio apartment, a tiny giggle echoed throughout the empty hall. Chanyeol paused, his hand hovering on the knob. The sound made the hairs on his arms stand up. He surveyed his surroundings and found nothing out of the ordinary. He shook his head. Maybe he was more drunk than he thought.

Creativity and every bit of his personality scattered throughout the open space of his home. A king sized bed rested on the center of the bricked wall with a mauve couch at its foot. Different paintings adorned the cement walls and one caught his attention unexpectedly as he sauntered towards his kitchen. His eyes remained on the mushroom painting his father gave him as a house warming gift.

He sat on the stool in front of the island counter with a glass of cold water, gaze trained on the familiar imagery. And together with the cool splash of liquid on his throat, the memories of the morning incident came flooding back to him.

Guess he'll have to catch those thieves tomorrow.

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