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A week has passed. izuku was alone in the boat. he was trying to catch some fish with the fishing rod he managed to find. it was very fortunate that he found that. even better that he had a fire quirk. he did not touched the corpses. he was used to moving around them at this point. he also got used to the smell. as he was cooking he fish he heard a sound. he was the only person alive in the ship so it would be impossible for someone to make a sound. he began to fear for the worst. maybe he was back to finish the job?! or was it someone else. no it was impossible the monster was the only one that knew he was there. He grabbed his knife that he managed to find from a corpse. as he started to move to the side of the ship where the sound came, he saw a group of men with black armor with helmets covering their faces. they were armed with swords and guns. there were also a logo on their belt that looked familiar. however he could not see it fully.

 however he could not see it fully

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He decided to hide and wait. one of them decided to walk next to him. at that moment he decided to attack with the knife he had in his hand. assuming it could pierce the armor. since it did not looked very hard from far. OOHHH BOY he was wrong. 

???1:" Wait a kid? There are survivors." 

???2:" Why is he attacking us?"

???1:" Isn't it is obvious? look at our gear!"

the blade broke in the spot and it cut his hand. he noticed the blade that man had and tried to grab it. at that moment the man grabbed his hand. izuku yelled and blasted him with green fire, then used it telekinesis to grab the knife he was carrying. He managed to stab the guy with the knife because the knife was very durable compare to previous one. however the man seemed like he did not even flinched. as he looked at the knife he saw that it was just air?? the man managed to take his knife back and throw it away. man put his hand up to reach Izuku. 

Izuku fell back thinking he failed and small tears started to form thinking it was it. but at that moment something he absolutely did not expected happened.

He hugged the scared boy.

???1: "It is all going to be okay izuku. you are safe now."

izuku: "how do you know my name?"

???1: " you look just like your mother."

the man then moved his hand to remove his mask. he was a man that looked like he was in his mid thirties, he had long spiky hair that was as dark as coal. it was quite messy. he had a small beard on his chin. his eyes were black and most notably he had a tattoo in the left side of his face. a big square like tattoo.

 a big square like tattoo

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