Luke and where he askes you to be his girlfriend

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Aries- beach at sunset and he takes a picture of you with the sunset in the background and he looks at you and thinks how beautiful you are and blurts out will you be my girlfriend. and picks you up and spins you around after you say yes.

Taurus-rock band concert and when some guy tries to make a move on you, huge yells at him and tells him to back off of his girlfriend, not realizing what he said, and sees your questioning look and says 'oh yea I forgot...will you be my girlfriend?'

Gemini-roof top lit by fairy lights and it just be like a romantic candle lit picnic. and he puts into a fortune cookie thing 'will you be my girlfriend' and when you look over to him he has a cheeky little grin and you realize that you love this fucking kid and his awkwardness and say yes.

Cancer-at a dance (not a club. a nice dance that like a celebrity is hosting) and he pulls you in close and whispers sexily into your ear how beautiful you look and how much he loves you and how he doesn't want any other guy to have you, so he asks you to be his girlfriend.

Leo-when you guys go bowling and you get a strike and you do your crazy little dance. the. He pulls you into a tight hug because he saw some guy checking you out, and he asks you to be his girlfriend because he realized how much he doesn't like other guys looking at you. then he kisses you after you, at first joke and say no, but then say yes.

Virgo-when he takes you to introduce you to his family and he pulls you away and asks you under the mistletoe.

Libra-when he helps you up when you fall down flat on your bum when you go ice skating in NYC and he helps you up.

Scorpio-When he randomly decides to go on a hike, but he didn't plan on asking you out, but when he looked at you standing there and looking out at the view, he wanted to be able to call you his.

Sagittarius- when he takes you on a romantic horse back ride to a cliff edge and asks you to be his girlfriend when the wind is blowing through your hair and he his holding your waist.

Capricorn-when you are at the zoo and he drags you to go see the Penguins at an exact time and you see a penguin holding a sign that says 'will you be my penguin-tine? ~Luke' around its neck.

Aquarius-you both decide to do something crazy and stupid, so you both go skydiving. you are strapped together and while you are in midair he asks you to be his girlfriend. but then you yell at him to pull the string to release the parachute because he almost forgot. but when you got down on the ground safely, you hug and kiss him and say yes.

Pisces-you both go to a rose garden and were taking pictures and he says will you be my girlfriend right as the self timer goes off as soon as you react. Getting the perfect lock screen picture.

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