Chapter 1 (Sneak Peek)

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The Creations Saga

Novel 1.5

Golden Light

Chapter 1


Follow the light.



My body burned, but it didn't hurt. The warmth covered my form and expelled the negative emotions that coursed through me. I couldn't remember why I had felt so sad. So, lost. But now it didn't matter. The golden light that danced behind my eyelids calmed me. My senses awoke, and I could smell the sunbaked plants beside me. I felt a cold breeze pass through my hair, though, the warmth from above quickly snuffed out the chill. My mouth was dry and begged to be moistened, but the sound I heard quickly distracted me. I opened my eyes to the noise.

The heat that radiated overhead was bright, and it took my eyes a moment to adjust, but I was soon able to see what had disrupted my rest. A dark gold creature stalked along the tree line. It hadn't seen me yet. Instinctually I kept low, only moving so I could keep the creature in my line of sight. The breeze drifted past me to the dangerous-looking animal. It lifted its head at the new scent. It was unsure, and scanned the clearing I hid in. The grass was tall enough to conceal me so long as I didn't move.

Satisfied with its solitude, the lion chuffed and disappeared into the dense undergrowth beneath the towering trees. Curious, I stood and followed silently. The grass crunched beneath my feet, and gold strands fell into my eyes. I was wary entering the dark forest, but I hoped that whatever I found would answer the question on my mind.

Why was I here?

The lion stalked quietly beneath the vast, emerald canopy. The leaves gentle, as they shifted to and fro, the breeze playfully teasing. I listened to the steady thud...thud...thud of the cat's heartbeat as it followed the invisible path. The creature knew exactly where it was going, lifting its nose to the scent that beckoned.

I traversed the path effortlessly, concentrating solely on being silent. Unaware of my place in this world, I thought it best to merely watch.

The cat stopped hours later, at the edge of a vast clearing. It crouched low, its tail twitching slightly, still unaware of my presence. The sun had moved overhead, and the heat had grown.

I sat upon a tree branch overlooking the field. The lion stiffened, even its breath ceased, just moments before it sprang out of the shadows and into the sun. Its speed was daunting, the grass parting before the lithe creature. I was prepared to follow it when I realized what it was doing—hunting. Instinctually, my body tensed, ready for a fight.

I looked further ahead, seeing only tall sun-kissed grass, but I could see more trails being made in the field, as buffalo ran in different directions. Their massive bodies moved both heavily and with grace. The thick brown fur that covered them was matted with dirt, the heady scent of them wafting to me, even at this far distance.

The herd protected each other with numbers and sheer size. But a lone youngling separated from the herd, and I knew immediately this was the easiest target. I waited for the lion to follow its trail, but the cat merely glanced at the small creature and turned towards the herd again.

Confused, I climbed higher into the tree, hoping for a better view.

What was the lion's purpose?

After harassing and threatening the herd, one buffalo separated to attack the cat. The lion maneuvered with ease as the creature charged at it, leading it further and further away from its kind.

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