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heyyyy okay i randomly thought of this idea at like,,, 2 am one day so

this may stay in the drafts, it may not. idk how this is gonna go

also this is my first book in 3rd person so pls don't judge

lowercase is intentional!!!

okay so let's get to the characters i guess
(the book starts in march 2020 that's why some of the bdays are off)

matti graham
- ° ° -

age, DOB:   april 29th, 1992  (27 years old)
occupation: part time shield agent, part time avenger
physical attributes:   average height, long dark brown hair, green eyes, muscular but not bulky
personality traits:   everything depends on her mood. she may seem tough, but is overall very compassionate. she won't leave anyone behind, but is also not afraid to beat up bad men. total badass.
other:   a complete sucker for chocolate ice cream. hates mornings, loves the stars, and is very protective of those she holds dearest to her.

tony stark
- ° ° -

age, DOB:   may 29th, 1970  (49 years old)
occupation:   avenger, tech genius, iron man
physical attributes:   dark hair, short for a man, brown eyes, facial hair you can't miss
personality traits:   full-time brat. spoiled and rich, but he can be a big softie. but he won't admit that. likes to act tough, and tends to have a habit of putting his loved ones in danger. but he makes up for it most of the time.
other:   he's always working on something. whether it's a new iron man suit, or the season finale of brooklyn nine-nine. he loves to make fun of his friends, and he always has new nicknames for everyone.

steve rogers
- ° ° -

age, DOB:    july 4th, 1918  (101 years old)
occupation: avenger, captain america, old man
physical attributes: tall, blonde, gorgeous. america's ass. honestly? sexiest avenger.
personality traits: goody-two-shoes, but can also be a bad boy. has an annoyingly perfect sleep schedule. cares more than he shows. basically just calls tony out on his shit all the time.
other: can't get drunk. really only acts like himself around matti, since she's easygoing and has good vibes. likes to draw, but won't show anyone what he draws. hates ww2 movies.

other characters include
- ° ° -

natasha romanoff: matti's best friend. kind of holds the team together when steve won't. she's a sucker for the bachelorette, but won't admit it. believes all men are stupid. likes to polish her guns on the dining table, just to threaten everyone who walks by.

thor odinson: currently off-world (he saw the virus coming from a mile away). sometimes stops by stark tower in the middle of the night to stock up on pop tarts. occasionally leaves updates about loki, who won't stop stabbing him.

bruce banner: big time nerd. all of the extra free time has him experimenting more than ever. he even built a 10 foot fire-proof titanium box that he stores in the top floor of the tower (for research purposes).

clint barton: honestly? just wants to party. he's always full on prank ideas. usually spotted in one of his many nests, or in the kitchen spraying a whole can of whipped cream into his mouth.

maria hill: matti's other best friend. her and nat complete matti's girl gang. acts like a mother to the avengers, and is always helping out. but she's also not afraid to whip bad men.

nick fury: if the avengers were his actual children, he'd put them up for adoption. doesn't tolerate anyone's bullshit. but believe it or not, he legitimately cares for the team. hates to see them hurt.

bucky barnes: is always there for everyone except sam. quarantine has him inventing games to play with his metal arm, including taking it off and throwing it at sam when necessary. 10 points if you hit him in the back of the head. 20 in the face.

sam wilson: always criticizing bucky, and likes to lightly pick on everyone in the tower. probably comes in 2nd place when it comes to sarcasm and nicknames. first is tony.

pepper potts-stark: the wife of tony stark. but mainly acts as a babysitter. usually sides with matti when she and tony get into a stupid argument. but she loves her little tech genius.

james rhodes: tony's best friend and #1 babysitter. gets his sarcastic nature from hanging out with tony too much. says what he means, and that's why everyone loves him. he's real.

idk how this story will turn out. but we'll see tehe

also idk how my posting pattern will be in this book so be patient lolllll

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