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Xavier Oberon has been sheltered his entire life and hasn't met anyone outside his family. It was mostly due to his overprotective family members not wanting to expose him to the vampire society. However, one night he gets forced to attend the royal blood moon ball, which changes his entire future.

The Oberon Family:


Nicolas Oberon: Ex-warrior.
Sebastian Oberon: Ex-royal doctor.


Adrian Oberon: Doctor
Eli Oberon: Bladesmith
Isaac Oberon: Actor
Dominic Oberon: Singer
Julian Oberon: Lawyer
Christoper Oberon: Artist
Gabriel Oberon: Accountant
Caleb Oberon: Nurse
Axel Oberon: University Student
Alex Oberon: University Student
Aaron Oberon: University Student
Lucas Oberon: Recent Graduate

Extended Family:

Antonio Oberon: Uncle and the General in the royal guard.

Victor Oberon: Grandfather, the head of the family, and a part of the royal elders.


Adrian & Aaron
Eli & Caleb
Isaac & Gabriel
Dom & Axel and Alex
Julian & Christoper

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