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you, y/n, is the daughter of pennywise. you are the same age as sonia (35 yrs old) by the way. you are a lesbian but you don't say it out loud since you live in a world where almost everyone is homophobic as fuck. but your secret lover is a openly homophobe until she understands you and your community go through. now you and sonia are now friends. she just changed into a better person. what if she starts having feelings for you and you have feelings for her, what would you do? idk lets see!

you get to learn all about eddie and his friends by the way.

eddie is a gay kid who's a germaphobe and a hypochondriac. he always has his pills (placebos) and inhaler with him in his fannypack(s). he is dating his best friend, richie tozier. sonia used to HATE the toziers but now she loves them now! they're all friends! eddie caught his mom almost kiss you and he was hyping you and sonia up but sonia told him to stop cause she was embarrassed.

richie tozier! the kid that always says dumb jokes, make voices, everything that your mind can think of! he's in love with the one and only eddie kaspbrak and now they are in love! he loves his best friends so much!

bill denbrough! the leader of the losers club pact! he is a good person! he stutters but his stutter doesn't get in the way of him being the fun and loving person who he is. he's dating, best friend, stanley uris because why not?! haha! he has a little brother who is sassy and everyone loves him!

stanley uris! he is the only jewish kid in the friend group but he's an relatable child and it's surprising that we all have the same moods as him. he's like an 40 year old living in a 15 year old's body! wow! he's gay and dating his best friend, bill denbrough! they did a "wedding" together when they were just 12 years old!

ben hanscom! he's the new kid but he is very cool because he listens to your favorite boy band, new kids on the block! you jam with the kid!

beverly marsh! everyone (except for the losers) always call her a slut when she only kissed one boy and his name is bill denbrough! it was only for a play but luckily he's gay now and she doesn't like dating anybody because she gets shamed for kissing anyone! but she's a badass and funny at the same time!

mike hanlon! everyone loves him! he's a darling and adorable. his smile is super duper contagious so don't be surprised to smile every time he smiles! he is a sweet sweet boy who just loves his friends and peers!

and thats all!

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