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I follow a long hall towards a cart filled with coffee, tea, and biscuits. I glance at it and roll my eyes. I can't believe I have to make tea for that dreadful woman.

I pour the piping hot kettle of tea into a very pink tea cup. I can only assume this is hers for obvious reasons. Crushing three sugar cubes, and stirring vigorously until they dissolve, then adding a splash of milk.

During my detentions back in my fifth year at Hogwarts, she always made a cup of tea. With her malicious smirk, and little "Hmm", she would sit there and gawk at me. But I remember everything she added to her tea, making this job a little easier.

I hear a familiar voice from across the hall.

"We've got eyes on them, Mr. Malfoy. The Weasleys have no idea we've sent two Snatchers to keep an eye on them."

"Good, I want those blood traitors tried in front of a court." Lucius states. I turn towards the pale, blonde man and he catches my glare. "Mrs. Dupree."

He nods my way in a formal greeting, then his face quickly changes to an evil look. His eyes narrow as he walks passed me. I watch him go, wanting to pull out my wand. Alas, I decide against it as it would blow my cover.

I pick the cup up and turn to head back to the lifts, almost running into someone. I look up at a kind face.

"Dupree, how are you today?" Mr. Weasley smiles.

"Fine, thank you." I say quickly. He turns and starts heading towards the lifts with me.

"It's a dreadful thing, what the ministry has become." He whispers. "It was no walk in the park with Fudge, but at least they weren't holding trials for blood status."

"Yes, it's all very awful." We make it to the lifts and I step in to an empty one.

"Well, have a good day, Margaret. Tell William I said hello." He waves goodbye, but then I reach my hand out to grab him by his elbow.

"Arthur! You know you're being tracked, don't you?" I say quietly. Arthur turns.

"Is that a threat, Miss Dupree?" He questions, confused as to why I would tell him this.

"No, Arthur. It's a fact. They're watching you." Arthur eyes me with a mixture of suspicion and confusion and perhaps... recognition. I remove my hand. The grilles close.

As I begin my descent, I go a floor down before it stops to let somebody else on. As the doors open I see Harry and Ron step in together. Ron is dripping wet from attempting to stop the rain in Yaxleys office.

"Hello." They both say in unison. I don't think they realize it's me. They eye each other, questioning who I am. I let out a small chuckle.

"Honestly boys, you don't recognize me?" I question.

"Mia?" Harry questions. I nod my head.

"Oh bloody hell." Ron sighs.

"Did you find the locket?" I ask Harry. He shakes his head.

"No. But I did find out they have files on almost every single person in the Order. They're tracking all of us."

"Does that really surprise you?" I raise my brow.

"No, I suppose not."

"Let's just get Hermione and get out." Ron tells us, not wanting to hear about how his entire family is being tracked. The grilles open and we step out into a dark torch-lit stone passageway. As we move further along, our breath becomes visible and Ron, soaked to the bones, begins to tremble. "Bloody cold down here."

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