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"We need a plan." Harry says.

"We have one." Ron states. "Get to Umbridge, take the locket, get the hell out."

"You think we can just waltz into the Ministry and take the locket?" Hermione asks. "They're hunting all of us."

"She's right." I tell the boys. "We need a disguise."

"A disguise?" Harry questions.

"Like wigs and makeup?" Ron asks.

"Bloody hell, Ron." I roll my eyes. "We're going to use Polyjuice potion."

"Polyjuice potion? But that takes weeks to make!" Harry exclaims. "We need to act now!"

"We will." Hermione assures him. "I told you, I've been prepared for days." She looks to her bag.

"Ministry of Magic, here we come." I take a breath and grab the potion from Hermiones bag.


An empty street corner. Then... Ron peers round a building. A few yards off, a witch approaches. Ron begins to walk, preceding her down the street, then kneels, fiddling with his shoelace. Zap!

The witch stiffens and falls... into the arms of Harry. Ron hurries back, takes her feet and helps Harry hustle her out of view. They prop her up between three wizards, one tall, 2 short, both unconscious. Hermione is pouring Polyjuice potion into four separate cups.

"Right. So let's do it. Who gets who?" Ron asks.

"Well, unless one of you fancies wearing a skirt..." I say, leaning down, plucking a hair from one of the witches. Hermione takes a hair from the other witch.

Ron frowns as he surveys the two remaining wizards.

"Remember what we said. Keep your eyes down. Don't speak to anyone unless absolutely necessary. Act as normal as possible. Just do what you see everyone else doing. We do that, and with a bit of luck, we get ourselves inside. And then..." Hermione begins to say.

"It gets really tricky." Harry finishes for her.


We stand there, looking once more at the stunned quartet.

"This is completely mental." Harry sighs.

"Completely, without question." Ron adds.

"The worlds mental." I tell them. They look at me. "Come on, drink up. We've got a horcrux to find."

Later, we emerge on the street in our new identities. Ron takes out the ID badge in his pocket.

"In case you're interested, I'm Reg Cattermole, Magical Maintenance Department."

"Mafalda Hopkirk, assistant in the Improper Use of Magic Office." Hermione says, doing the same.

Harry and I follow suit, pulling out my ID card, finding out my new identity for the time being.

"I'm nobody." Harry says, not being able to find a badge.

"You're somebody. Be careful." Hermione tells him. I stare at my badge and sigh.

"I'd rather be nobody than be Margaret Dupree, executive assistant to the Undersecretary."

"Wait." Ron pauses. "Isn't the Undersecretary..." he trails off.

"Umbridge." I finish for him. "Yes. Yes she is."

"Mia, no." Harry says to me.

"I don't have a choice." I tell him. Then a skinny wizard strides by.

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