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"To the Dark Lord. I know I will be dead long before you read this... I have stolen the real Horcrux and intend to destroy it..." Harry rereads the note that was found in the fake horcrux.

"R.A.B. was Sirius' brother?" Ron asks.

The four of us sit around the kitchen table. Sloppy stacks of old daily prophets surround us.

"Yes. Question is, did he actually destroy the real Horcrux?" I ask.

Harry nods... then spots a shadow trembling on the wall just outside the kitchen. He scrambles up and out of sight.

"Stop! I order you!" His voice echoes. Seconds later, Harry reappears... dragging Kreacher the house-elf by one ear. Kreacher mumbles foully.

"Kreacher..." Hermione trails off.

"Oh, Harry. Be nice, won't you?" I say, getting up from my seat.

"Been spying on us, have you?" Harry is speaking in harsh tones.

"Kreacher has been... watching. Kreacher always watches."

"Harry, for goodness sakes, leave him be!" I pull Harry's hand off of the house elf. "He hasn't done us any harm."

He looks at me questioningly. "Did you know he was here?"

I nod. "Yes, I saw him last night before I fell asleep."

"Miss Potter made Kreacher dinner." The house elf looks at me with kind eyes, and then glares back at Harry.

"You cooked for the bloody house elf?" Ron asks me.

I turn to him. "Yes, I bloody did." Then I turn back to Harry. "He's been here, alone for months."

"Do you not remember how he treated us the last time we saw him?" Harry questions me.

"Oh please, if I held a grudge for something like that, then I probably wouldn't be speaking to you with all the shit you've pulled." I glare at him. Hermione glances between us.

"Maybe he knows." She says, trying to break the tension.

Harry glances at her, realizes what she means, takes the locket and dangles it before Kreacher's massive eyes like a hypnotist. Kreacher watches it sway back and forth.

"Ever seen this before?" Kreacher grumbles incoherently. "Kreacher, we own this place. Sirius left it to me and Mia. Which means, we own you too."

I slap his arm. "He's not a slave, Harry." I kneel down to Kreachers level. "Please, Kreacher, tell us what you know."

Kreacher grimaces mightily, then gives in. "That was Master Regulus' locket."

"That's right. But there were two, weren't there?" I ask gently. Kreacher's eyes widen in surprise. He nods again. "Where's the other one?"

"Kreacher doesn't know where the other locket is."

"But was it here? Did you ever see it?" Hermione asks.

Kreacher spins, his face ugly and vicious. "Filthy Mudblood! The Death Eaters will soon be coming for you!" Ron snatches Kreacher by the neck, and shakes him. "Blood-traitor Weasley!" He gargles out.

"Ron!" Hermione and I shout at him. Reluctantly, Ron releases the elf.

"Answer her." Harry instructs

"Yes. It was here, in this house. A most evil object..." Kreacher rubs his neck where Ron had his grasp.

"How do you mean?"

"Before he died, Master Regulus ordered Kreacher to destroy it. It was the last thing he asked of Kreacher. But no matter how Kreacher tried, he could not.." Kreacher backed away, looking almost sad. I can tell he misses Regulus. I kneel back down to his level.

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