Living With The Simons.

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Watching the news, everything around me began to be going slow motion.

'NEWSFLASH. Brion and Elizabeth Cox, died at scene.' Then a slim lady whom was doing the news report began talking, "Good afternoon, I'm Rebecca Bleu with some tragic news. Brion and Elizabeth Cox, parents of Aliza Cox had been hit on the side of their black '69 Camaro by an 18-wheeler. By the time the paramedics had arrived at the scene, neither of them had a pulse. According to files, Aliza Cox will be residing with her godfather until a legal age. I am Rebecca Bleu, have a nice day."

I was shocked and ran straight to the phone book and called my godfather, Brandon.

"Hello?," said a really deep husky voice, as if they just woke up.

"Brandon?!," I shouted.

"No, hold on," said that guy and a few seconds later..

"Aliza? Oh sweetie I'm so sorry. We'll be there tomorrow. Pack up everything tonight. We'll be there at 8 a.m. The funeral is Sunday. Your father had planned exactly what they wanted when they were still alive. Saved up money, it'll be easier."

I sighed, "Okay, thanks Brandon, you're great. See you tomorrow."

And with that, I cuddled in bed with my giraffe, and cried myself to sleep.

Really short, but its kind of an eye opener to what will happen.

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