Chapter 2

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'We're going to the orphanage, he instructed. 'Get Carina on the line for me,' he walked back to his office and closed the door. Removing his mobile from his pocket, he called the Curtis Foundation, informing them, he and his secretary would be joining them for dinner tonight. Ross smirked as he slipped his phone back into his pocket. He was sure the orphanage's bookkeeper would be scurrying around to have the books in order for his inspection tonight. He was a more than generous contributor to their coffers.

Savannah stared at her boss's closed door. Since when does he confirm his own appointments and just when did that invitation arrive?

'Darling, come home early,' Carina purred seductively. 'I want an hour with you before we go to the ___.'

'I'm sorry, I have other plans Carina,' Ross cut in before she could continue her oral seduction.

'But baby___you promised I'd see you tonight,' she pouted.

'I did not promise Carina. I said I'd call you. I'm going to the orphanage,' Ross was unmoved at how blatantly ruthless he was being to his lover. He was eagerly anticipating his evening with Savannah. For her efficiency off course as she assisted him in checking the books.

'I need you,' Carina whined in his ear. 'You've been a naughty boy, Ross darling,' he heard her attempt at seductive laughter. 'I'm going to pin you to the bed...'

For once Ross was immune to her erotic talk. Carina was extremely sexy, the longest shapely legs, slender curves in all the right places and she knew how to please him. There were times he got aroused just thinking about her sexy legs wrapped around his hips. Not anymore. Clearly it was time to move on. Sexy as she was, she lost her appeal. Carina left him cold these days. Best he end this call right now.

Savannah's eyes darted repeatedly to the red light on her phone. It told her he was still talking to his lover. Something knotted in her stomach. No doubt he's having phone sex with her, pacifying her until he meets her later tonight and finishes what he started on the phone. I need to get a life! I need a boyfriend!

She shoved her chair back annoyingly. Opened a credenza for no apparent reason and slammed it shut again. How do I find a boyfriend?


She ran to the intercom. 'Yes sir.'

'I want you to go home, rest and be ready at seven. It's going to be a long night. We're going to scrutinize the orphanage's books.'

If he said "scrutinize" then that meant nit picking through the books for every cent spent, every invoice received and every payment made. Savannah groaned, bracing herself for a three to four hour evening at the orphanage. Still, it was an opportunity to be with him, so she looked forward to it with a little excitement and a lot of annoyance at her evening being spent doing what was clearly a book-keeper's function.

Savannah was unusually tired. She might as well go home, and soak up in her bath tub. She would even have an hour to lay down, before Ross arrived at seven. 'Fine,' she answered, shutting down her pc and routing her telephone to the executive wing's receptionist. She could hardly wait for seven tonight. She already knew which evening dress she was going to wear for Ross___actually to the orphanage.

After a luxurious bath, Savannah lay down for a nap and set the alarm to allow her thirty minutes to dress before Ross knocked on her door. She felt refreshed now as she changed. She stood in front of the mirror, pulled down a few tendrils on either side of her ears, allowing them to cascade down her cheeks. A quick spritz of the perfume Ross like so much and she was good to go. She wondered if she should have a glass of wine to calm her nerves. There was five minutes left. Savannah abandoned the idea when she heard the firm knock on her door.

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