thought we were forever, but maybe we're not

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okay i have a sudden obsession with spencer sutherland, thank you and goodbye

did i really write a dystopian fan fiction of sanders sides for an assignment? yes, yes i did. did i redo the same makeup look from a few months ago bc pride month? yes. do i get really sleepy after wearing makeup for no reason at all? yes, but i'm still gonna write this.

okay legit my dream was freaking annoying and hilarious

i was floating through the sea on a floatie, i was trying to get onto this cruise ship. when i finally got up there, i was trying to get into the building and i was like "wait, why am i on a cruise? i hate water." and then people were like surrounding me and i was ahhhh then i was in a wedding dress and i connected two and two and i was like "why tf wasn't i on my own cruise ship for my own wedding?" so i had a bridezilla moment then i was waiting for my partner (idk who it was but they were taking forever wth) and i started going through the bible thingy for married couples (pfft, like i'd ever get married in a church) and one of the rules was, and i quote, "2 cups of herbert's milk every night before bed to pray the gay away" and i thought it was a joke so i laughed but no one else thought it was funny like jeez man tough crowd. the second part of my dream wasn't that fun, i got bruised by a capital b on the itch. and i got annoyed by one of my very good friends, so not that fun.

oh i'm super stanning lamp rn bc i'm rereading the l.a.w. au and i'm watching glee so i'm imagining the height differences between Logan and the others and precious preCIOUS PRECIOUS. finn compared to rachel is logan compared to janus/patton, finn to sunshine is lo to roman and finn to pretty much everyone else is lo to virgil like plz plz i love you sir. honestly tho, i saw this post that said a majority of the fandom is some sexuality that is barely attracted to men, if at all, and we all somehow debate who is the hottest of one man's wardrobe rotation, and wow too honest. however, everyone has agreed it is janus and logan, end of story. like yeah remus and roman are in second, virgil in third and patton in fourth but janus and logan are FIRST

finn, catradora's love child, is perfect, i want to know more, what do they sound like? do they have catra's smoothness or adora's clumsiness? ya know, more :))

ig that's it, glee is dramatic and annoying at but it gives me hella inspo so buh bye!


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