Part 6

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" I KNEW IT!!" North exclaimed when Markus finished telling her about his recent trip to the dump. She sounded like she had just caught you setting up a surprise party for her. Happy! Markus wondered why North, his unnecessary love interest, was happily teasing him about being in love... with Simon..? Markus tried to ask her about it, about why she wasn't mad at him or anything, but she just kept on talking, ignoring his questions. She walked around the room in circles, looking like a kid on Christmas. Markus got annoyed and stood up, grabbing her shoulders and holding her still.
"Aren't you supposed to be mad at me?" He asked, but quickly added: "if what you are saying was true, that is..."
Norths face was decorated with a wide grin.
"No, dummy," she snickered. "You have nooooo idea how much I ship you two!!"
"Ship us t—what are you even talking about?!"
"I am talking about the obvious sexual tension between you," North said. "Plus you're his type..." she mumbled the latter.
"There's no 'sexual tension' between us, North, we're androids, plus we just-"
"Yeah yeah, that's what they always say, but then BOOM!! And trust me I've known Simon long enough to know he likes you!" She poked his shoulder before walking out from the room, probably to beat Josh in chess again.

That night, Markus went to see Simon again. At first, he couldn't find him, but when he did, he decided not to go talk to him tonight. Just watch. Simon seemed to be way too caught up in cleaning out his shed to notice him. Markus watched Simon for about an hour before he realized just how creepy it was and decided to go home.

"North no-" Markus said when North came towards him, jumping down.
"I knew it, I knew it~" she sang anyway. "Markus, I-AAAAA!" Josh shoved her aside.
"Fine," North said when she got her balance back. "But do not for a second this I'm letting this go!"

The following morning was pretty boring. Josh played chess with North the whole day, except for when North was teasing Markus. Markus was still very confused as to why North was sooooo happy about his supposed love for Simon ((see what I did there :D ha ha h a)).

"Please, North," Markus pleaded.
"What?!" North giggled. She seemed almost drunk, that's how exited she was.
"North stop." Markus took her shoulders and held her still. "What. Do. You. Mean?"
"What?" North said.
"What do you mean 'he likes me'?"
"Wait..." North said holding back laughter. "Y-you don't know what that means?!"
"Well... no, am I supposed to?"
North burst out in laughter. Markus was as confused as ever, but he realized he wouldn't get anything out of North, that's for sure. He wondered if he could ask Josh...
Maybe tomorrow he thought as he steadied North, who was almost falling over with laughter.

Markus didn't go back to the dump for another week or so, he was too busy trying to figure out what the fuck North was so exited about. He also had these weird feelings he didn't recognize. What were they? Why were they?? Maybe he was just damaged from that fight they had with the humans.

I am so sorry it took so long, and this chapter is not long, and it probably sucks, but I was out of ideas and someone *cough* JelosyCrow *cough* really wanted a new chapter, so, well, its better than nothing :3

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