chapter 11

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Hey guys,so sorry for the late update I have something important going on but I would try my best to update but its going to be a little bit slow ❤❤ I love you'll reading this story.


Those bikini's looks good huh?just a little problem,the mannequin is definitely not attractive.

I turned already knowing who the voice belongs to.

"Yeah it feels like you're the one on the bikini,so I can definitely relate"I said sarcastically.

"Me on a bikini,"he pursed he's lip,"thinking of it i would definitely look hot on that"he pointed at the bikini.

"Sure,what are you doing here,don't tell me you're shopping for the trip too."

"No i'm not shopping,I'm stalking you now" he said then pushed me forward, we started walking.

"Am i getting a secret admirer " I smirked.

"Taught you had plenty of those" he said curtly.

"Stop lying,tell me what you are doing here."

"Okay you got me,I wanted to shop for the trip but since you're here why don't we shop for you."

"I'm not shopping,i was literally kidnapped here" I pointed out.

"If a victim sees an opportunity to escape from the kidnapper she wouldn't let that chance go by"he said .

I stopped in my track,he stopped with me "what does that mean"

"You had the opportunity to run while Dawn and Mae are probably in the changing room but you stayed,that means you want to be here" he said to me like it was obvious.

"Fine!i'm the shopping type,but unfortunately I have less than two thousand dollars in my account and in this fucking place the lowest price for a clothe is one thousand dollar,Fiona's my foot the only Fiona I know is Shrek's wife and she's green not fucking obsessed with pink" I said without taking a break.

"Cool down with the ranting girl"

"Its so frustrating, do you know the urge i have every time to pick a clothe and run out of this place"

"Why don't we do that together,i'm a fast runner you know?"

"Well I guess I would just have to prepare the two thousand dollars in my account to bail myself out of prison" I snorted.

Dawn and Mae came over"so you choose a clothe and didn't border to wear it out for me to see"I placed my hands on my chest and sighed,Jason slapped my hands knowing it was fake "ouch".

"We taught you left already"Dawn said,giving the dress in her hands more attention.

"Guess what guys?" Jason said,referring to Dawn and Mae.

"What!"they replied.

"Guess who I convinced to pick a dress!"

"Riele!" Mae shrieked.

"You betrayed us" Dawn said while I snorted.

       Before I could register there next move I was being dragged by Dawn and Mae to a destination I don't know. I turned back to Jason and mouthed"I told you I don't have a fucking money."

"Well I didn't tell you to buy one I said pick one" he mouthed back.

"Then who's going to pay" I grumbled while he smiled at me,realising what he meant before I could refuse Mae and Dawn pushed me further.

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