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Kylie's P.O.V

I waited in the elevator as it went up to the 60th floor. Today was officially my first day working at Bieber Co. as Mr. Bieber's assistant.

The elevator dinged signaling I was at my destination. I stepped out and was greeted by some guy.

"Omg I love your dress, its sexy." He squealed.

"Thanks, im Kylie. What's your name?" I asked politely.

"Chris. You must be new here." he smiled.

"Yes actually todays my first day." I said tiredly.

"Oh I see honey. You want some coffee to start your day?" He asked.

"That would be awesome." I smiled.

Suddenly I was dragged by Chris to a lounge that was filled with a awesome coffee smell. Yum.

"Thanks." I said taking a cup of coffee from Chris's hand and took a sip.

"So whats your job h-"

"Miss Jenner my office now!" Justin yelled before turning and walking out of the lounge.

I signed turning to Chris "His assistant."

"I see, will you better go before Mr. Sexy gets mad." he said making me laugh.

"Okay see you around Chris." I waved before making my way to Mr. Bieber's office.

I entered without knocking quickly regreting it when I saw his angery expression.

"Didn't your mom teach you how to knock!" he snapped.

"Sorry Mr.Bieber, umm you need me?" I asked sitting down.

"Yes I need you to fill these paper work for me and have them done in an hour." he said slamming a pile of paper on his desk.

"And your office is over here, follow me." He said standing up and walking out of his office.

I quickly grabbed the pile of paper with both hands and followed behind.

I entered the office next to Mr.Bieber's. There was a big glass widow that Mr.Bieber could obviously watch me as I do my work.

It was right next to his and the only thing that separates it is the glass.

"Okay now get started." he stated before leaving back to his office, shutting my office door.

I huffed and sat the papers on my desk and sat down and started on my first assignment, as Mr. Bieber closed his curtain to have some privatcy.


I sighed as I sat the pen beside all the finished paper work. I finally finished and just in time.

I got up and picked up the paper work with yet again both hands and opened my door and as I was about to knock on Mr.Bieber's door, it opened.

The blonde that made me late for my interview yesterday came out fixing her hair and clothes.

She smirked at me once again and left down the hall. I walked in and saw Mr. Bieber putting on his blazer.

I quickly avoided his gaze setting the paper work down and making my way to the door.

"Wait Miss Jenner." Mr. Bieber said.

"Yes sir?" I asksd not turning around.

"Close my door and have a seat." he demanded.

I sighed "Sure." I closed the door.

"Lock it." He demanded once more.

I locked it gulping and sitting down on a chair infront of his desk.

Mr.Bieber sat down on his desk in front of me.

"I guessing you saw that." he said lifting my chin making me look in his eyes.

"Uh n-no sir." I said nervous. I didn't want him to know that I know he just had sex with a girl I already hated.

"Your lying Miss Jenner. And I don't like liers, I think they should be punished." He said with a husky seductive voice.

"N-no im not."

"Your lying again.." he said standing up and walking around me.

He stopped behind me. I felt his hands trail up and down my back until it reached my dress zipper. He pulled it down causing me to jump and back away from him.

"Mr. Bieber what are you doing." I gasped as he pushed me on his desk and climbed up hovering over me.

"Shh." he whispered as he began to suck on my neck.

This was totally not an exception in this business.

"M-Mr.Bieber stop." I said trying to pushing him off.

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