Chapter Twelve

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Hagrid layed Draco down on the hospital bed. He was still passed out and you stood by his side.

"Are you his girlfriend?" The nurse asked.

You shook your head. "No. Just wanted to make sure he got hee safely."

"Well, you're a good girl. Hagrid, you may go back to your class. Thank you for bringing the boy."

Hagrid nodded once and left.

"Is he okay?" You asked.

"Oh yes, he's fine dear. It's just a fracture. Nothing serious."

She bandaged his arm.

"There. When he wakes up he can leave."

"Thank you." You said.

She nodded and left.

You stood there looking at Draco. You never knew he could look so peaceful. You removed his hair from his face.

He had soft skin.

His breathing was even and his eyes moved from behind his closed lids.

He was starting to gain consciousness.

You stepped back alittle to give him space.

When he woke up, he looked around. Then he spotted you.

"What are you doing here?" He asked with a glare.

You sighed. It was foolish of you to think that he could possibly be happy with you. You thought he was only being mean because his friends were around.

Now that no one was around, he didn't change.

"Are you deaf? What are you doing here?!"

"I was just accompanying you. I didn't want you to be alone. None of your so called friends made a move to see if you were alright."

"Leave." He said.

"But Draco, I thought I'd walk you to-"


You stepped back.

Draco's features didn't soften. He didn't regret what he said.

You took the message and you walked to the door.

Pansy came rushing in with Crabbe and Goyle.

They all sneered at you.

You looked to the ground and walked out.


You were reading a book in the Great Hall and Amy sat next to you reading the Daily Prophet.

You were eavesdropping on Draco's conversation with Pansy.

"Does it hurt terribly, Draco?" Pansy asked.

"It comes and it goes. I was lucky, you know. Another minute and uh..they could have chopped my arm off."

You glanced up. Pansy was going to touch it.

"Please! Don't it." Draco said.

Huh. You didn't even know he knew the word please.

He always demanded everything.

"Oh my goodness." Amy said.

You looked over to her.

"What is it?" You asked.

"Sirius Black.."

"What about him?"

Then a Gryffindor yelled out what was going on. Seamus Finnigan.


"Who?" A student asked.

"Sirius Black!" He answered

Then they all crowded together and talked amoungst themselves.

"Well, there you have it." Amy said.

"Do you think we're really safe here?" You asked.

"I don't know.." Amy said.

You looked over at Harry and he looked at you, both of you with a look of worry.

Harry looked at the doors and back at you, making a motion for you to go over there.

"I'll be back." You told Amy.

You got up and Harry followed behind. You went through the doors and out where it was quiet.

Draco looked as the doors closed and rolled his eyes.

"What is it Harry?" You asked.

"I'm worried. About the whole Sirius Black situation." He said.

"Yeah, me too. I hope he doesn't come here."

"He might.." Harry said.

"What are you talking about?" You asked.

"He...he wants to kill me."

Harry explained everything to you. You took it all in and processed it.

Whem Harry was done, he looked at you.

"Harry, promise me you'll be careful. Don't isolate yourself." You said.

Harry nodded.

You hugged him and he hugged you back tighter.

"I promise I'll be safe. But you need to promise me that you'll be safe as well." He whispered in your ear.

"I promise, Harry." You whispered back.

Harry pulled away slightly to look at your face.

"And don't break the promise." He said.

You nodded. "I won't if you won't."

Then Harry kissed you.

Your hands rested on the back of his neck.

The doors opened and Draco walked through with Pansy, Crabbe, and Goyle.

You and Harry pulled away and smiled at each other.

Draco looked at you then at Harry. He sneered then walked down the hall.

"What was that all about?" Harry asked.

"I have no clue." You replied.


A few days later, you were in Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Professor Lupin was teaching how to repel a boggart, using the spell Ridikulus.

He let students face their fears by turning it into something funny.

You laughed when Neville made Snape wear his grandmother's clothing.

Then as quick as it all started, it ended with Harry when the boggart  turned into a Dementor and Lupin stopped Harry from facing it.

Class was over and you, Harry, Hermionie, and Ron walked out together.

"What was that about?" Ron asked.

Harry shrugged.

"Are you alright?" Hermionie asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." He replied.

He squeezed your hand and you rubbed his arm.

"I never knew you were that scared of them." You said.

Harry chuckled. "Yeah, they freak me out."

The four of you laughed.

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