In My Dreams

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Head sweating, chest  beating quickly, room feeling smaller. Macy woke up frantically panicking again. She had the same dream... or nightmare, she referred it as. Over and over these nightmares keep playing. Each night. Haunting. She turns her lamp on, checking the time when her mum barges in,

   "Macy?!" Her mum ask with a worried tone. Macy just stared down at her black and red comforter. "Another nightmare" Her mum asked, walking over to her bed and plopping herself down. 

    "Same one actually.." Macy mumbled quietly, fiddling with her fingers.

Her mother just sat there quietly, pondering in her head what to do. "Why don't I make yo-"

   "NO!" Macy screamed, knowing what her mum was thinking. "You don't even know what I was about to say!" She screamed back, startled. But Macy knew. Her mother wanted to send her to that creepy doctor she goes to every month when she gets a headache. Macy wasn't going, she always found that man creepy

    "Fine." Her mum said, "Have it your way! I have a headache anyways from all your screaming." Macy groaned and rolled her eyes as her mum left to go make ANOTHER appointment, when she already had one later that day..

Macy smirked to herself, 'She likes it rough and early!" She fell back onto her pillow laughing her ass off. Literally. After 5 hours later of her mum blabbering on the phone, Macy finally fell asleep again. 

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