Chapter 6

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~Victoria's POV

When I'm done using the shower, I walk over to the sink and start removing the bandage, I see that my wound is mostly healed but there is a small blue bruise on my forehead.

I start combing out my hair and French braiding it so that it doesn't tangle in the night. I dry myself properly and put on some deodorant that was provided in the bathroom.

I start putting on his shirt and fall immediately in love with the smell. The shirt reaches my mid thighs. Next, I put his biefs on, it's too big to fit my waist but it sits comfortably on my hips. I struggle a bit to put on the sweat pants since the legs are too long.

It's too big. It keeps falling down. I give up and take it off completely. I walk out of the bathroom and see Xavior on my the edge of the bed typing on his phone.

He hears me and his eyes shoot up, he takes in my appearance and eyes my body up and down, I see his eyes on my legs. I feel exposed under his strong gaze.

"Tomorrow I need to go home." this seems to have angered him. Oh no. "You will not leave! You are mine!" he stands up and makes his way over to me. I stand my ground and muster any confidence I have left in me.

"I am not your property! I belong to no one! You will take me home to tomorrow and that's final!" I take his sweat pants and shove it in his chest. He catches it, looks at the pants and then at me with a dangerous look in his eyes.

I look at him and turn around to walk away. But before I could take two steps, I feel his hand grab the back of my neck and pulls me back to him, he twists his hand to force me to turn around. Our faces are mere inches apart.

Our lips brushing against each other in an imperceptible manner. My heart is pounding so hard against my chest, it feels like it's going to jump out at any moment. I hold on his waist for support as I feel my knees getting weaker.

"Be angry with me. I don't give a fuck, but disrespect, is something I will not tolerate." he says angrily, his thick Italian voice becomes more evident. He releases me from his hold and step back.

My heart finally calms down. "My friend, she will be worried about me, and so will my mom. Just let me speak to them, I'll lie, please. It would break me if I knew they were out there worrying to death about me." I finish, I look up to see him contemplating whether it is a good idea or not.

"Please Xavior, I'm not asking for a lot. I'm really worried." he sees me stressing and takes my hand.

I'm confused for a moment, but I let him take me out of my room. I trail behind him taking in the beauty of his home, it's so beautiful and modern, I could get lost in here if it wasn't for Xavior holding my hand.

When I realize we're hand in hand, a blush creeps it's way onto my face. He takes me to the TV room. I stand in the middle of the room confused as he let's go and connects his phone to the speakers

Teddy pendergrass plays over the speakers. The song Come on and go with me plays and I can't help, but love the smooth rhythm of the song.

Xavior reaches for my hand and I hesitate to give him my hand, but I don't want to upset him, so I place my hand in his.

He brings me closer to his chest and sways with the music. I follow his moves and we sync together with the music.

"I will take you to your friend's house tomorrow" I hear him say over the music. I look up at him shocked that he has agreed to me. "Thank you, but why are you doing this for me?"

I ask him genuinely confused. "I want you to have freedom, I don't want you to feel trapped because that's not love and I want you to love me. I know I can be very protective and possessive, but understand that you have been gone from me for five years. I just got you back. And I'm not going to loose you again. "

I search his eyes for lies and found none. My heart does a little jump from his words, but that doesn't cover the fact that this man screams danger and that he is hiding the fact that he's a mafia leader. But I take what I can get and smile softly at him. We dance until the song comes to an end.

We break apart and I shy away from him. I look around and compliment him on his lovely home to make the tention in the air a little less awkward. He chuckles and says a thank you.

He takes me up to my room and bids me Goodnight. He kisses me on the cheek and proceeds to his room which is coincidentally across from the room im sleeping in. I shut my door and smile at the moment we shared downstairs. I climb into bed and let sleep take over me.

Later the night*
~ still Victoria's POV

I scream and jolt up from my sleep, I look around the room and wipe the beads of sweat that formed on my temple. I hear footsteps rush towards my room and I see the bedroom door open. Xavior is in nothing but his boxers and looks alarmed.

He runs over towards me and kneels beside my bed on the floor while I sit up straighter. He wipes my tears and looks at me worriedly. "What's wrong? Why'd you scream? Why you crying?" he asks in one breath.

"I had a nightmare, I'm sorry if I scared you, it wasn't my intention." I apologize to him. He kisses my forehead and tells me not to be sorry.

He gets up ready to leave but I stop him. "Xavior wait!" he stops and turns around. "Yes princess?" my heart flutters at the nickname.

I look down at my hands and play with them nervously. "Could you perhaps stay with me? I don't want to be alone right now." I ask still looking down. When he doesn't answer I look up to find him smiling.

He walks over to the bed and pulls the covers open and gets under it. "Of course, I'll be here. Come here"

I move closer to him and he puts his arm around me and brings me closer to him. He is extremely warm and my body snuggles involuntarily closer to him. When I come back to my senses I apologize and move a bit back

He grunts and brings be even closer. Before I knew it, I was fast asleep and and in wonderland. The first time in years that I've never had a nightmare.

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