Chapter 5

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~ Xavior's POV

She remains quiet. I see her deep in thought and I take the opportunity to grab the gun away from her and put it back in my waistband.

She looks at me with anger. Why is she angry? I think to myself as I wait for her to speak. "Where were you!" it takes me a minute to realize what she's talking about. "Baby, let me explain"

"Don't baby me! You said you would follow me! And when I woke up, they said you never visited me ones!" she screams at me pointing her finger to my chest to get her point across. I lift my hands in surrender to calm her down.

"Look, I can explain, just let me explain... please" I beg. Feels weird, begging, but for her I'd get on my knees and kiss her feet for her to let me explain.

"Start talking" she says in a serious tone, I find it amusing to see her inner strength come out, she will be a perfect queen for my world, that's if she accepts me and the world I'm in.

"Okay then let me start at the beginning"

*five years ago*
~Xavior's POV

"I can't wait to watch the new Barbie movie!" my little sister exclaims in the passenger seat. "You're eleven and still watching these childish films?" she fakes being offended by gasping loudly and putting a hand over her chest "How dare you! You're nineteen and you're still willing to watch the movie with me." she smirks as she realize I have no come back.

I find a parking space, but I notice a black car in the middle of the parking lot. Somethings not right, I think to myself. My sister is oblivious to the situation. I park the car. Just as my sister is about to open the door I lock it. "What is your problem! Open the door or we're going to miss the movie!"

"I need you to stay in the car while I check something out, do NOT get out of this car until I say so, do you hear me?" she senses the seriousness in my voice and co-operates.

I get out of the car and see a family of three walking to their car. And in a blink of an eye, gun shots are firing everywhere. I duck next to my car to protect myself from the bullets, I hear my sister scream.

I get up to look in the window to see if she got hurt but she seems fine and is ducking in the backseat with her hands on her ears. I hear screams again. It isn't my sister that's screaming ? Then who is it?

I looked around the parking lot and see a girl screaming at a man on the floor with blood coming out of him. I see her looking around and finds her mother.

I see her running towards her mother, but before I can tell her to stop, she gets shot and falls in her mother's arms. I see her mother crying and screaming. The car drives away when they hear the ambulance coming with the police. I take the opportunity to rush to the girl and pick her up.

I take her to the paramedics, I feel her turning her head and I look down. I see her beautiful eyes look at me with an emotion that I couldn't explain, my heart almost stops when I see her beauty.

The paramedics wants to take her away from me, but I dont want to let her go, but eventually, they take her from me. "Please don't leave" I hear her say, I was about to get in when one of the paramedics stops me and says "Sorry sir, family members only"

I look at her and tell her "I will follow you" they close the door and drive off, I run to my car, getting ready to follow, but I'm interrupted by a phone call.

"What is it Kyle!" I scream at my best friend. "We have a situation at the warehouse and you need to get here right now!" Damnit! I rush back to my house and attend the matter.

Someone planted bombs in the warehouse, but luckily only one went off since the others were disarmed. No one was near the the explosion.

They found a note in the middle of the warehouse floor before the explosion.

It's just the beginning.

Jackson knight.

Jackson is our worst enemy, he is a greedy bitch that wants all the power, but he does it in the most cruel way. He is a terrorist and a true monster from the pits of hell and will stop at nothing to get what he wants, unfortunately for him, I'm the devil himself.

*present time*
~Xavior's POV

"When I went back to the scene, no one knew where you were taken and when we searched the footage of the attack, the camera only recorded up to the part of where you were screaming for your father. It was even more difficult because I had no idea who you were or what your name was, but I kept a photo of the footage so that I had some idea on how you would look if I saw you again. "

She sits down on the sofa to process everything. She looks up at me with tears in her eyes. I wrap my arms around her. I feel her stiffen in my arms, but eventually relaxes.

"Do you know what happened to my father?" she asks with a bit of hope in her eyes. "Since you were there, did you see what happened to my father?" I look down at my feet, letting out a sigh then back at her, but she looks away disappointed.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention, my attention was only on you." I tell her honestly.

"What time is it?" she wipes her tears and look around the room. I get up and glance at my watch. "It's eight thirty. Why?"

"Can I shower? I feel gross." she says getting up. "Of course gattina" (kitten)
I leave the room to get spare clothes and a charger for her phone.

I go to my room that's just across from her room, I want to be as close to her as possible. I grab one of my T-shirts, my smallest sweat pants that I own and briefs that I got, but was too small so I've never worn it. I hope this will be enough.

I go to my dresser and open one of the draws to look for my spare charger. I get one and head to the kitchen to get the dinner the maids prepared and I bring everything up to her room.

She's still in the bathroom when I arrive so I knock twice to get her attention. She screams from the other side of the closed door "I'm still busy!" I chuckle at how cute her voice sounds.

"I'm just going to put my arm in with the clothes I brought, unfortunately I don't have any underwear for you, but I do have these small briefs that I've never worn." I say. I hear the door unlock and open a bit, I see her head pop out and she reaches for the clothes that I have in my hands.

"Thank you" she says in a whisper, she closes the door again. I walk to her bed waiting for her to get done.

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