20. The Proposal

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Aayat's POV:

As my car is passing through the streets of Jonathan University, memories of my college time came back rushing to me. It has years since we passed out from the university but still it feels as if it hasn't even been a day. Every moment spent here, every person I met here is etched permanently in my mind.

I remember how I would spent hours in the Library. I remember how I , Humaira , Naiza and Soniya would rush to canteen in the lunch time. I remember how all of us would sit in the garden and do group study. I remember how all of us had a great time during the university fests. I remember the camp we had all gone while we were the part of Social Service Group. But as it is said,
All the good times have a contradictory endings. All good memories are followed by bad ones. And the bad memory of my college life is related to a certain person.

Why am I even thinking about him. I shrug of my thoughts as I now realize I have already reached near the restaurant in which I was throwing a dinner party or rather say I was forced to throw a " dinner Party" on the constant pressurisation by my close friends.

These people have been acting more excited than me after I won the case. But that is how true friends are. Happy for each of your success.

I stepped down out of car and said the driver to park the car in the parking area. I entered inside the Restaurant, cool temperature inside, making me shiver a little bit as I was approached by a waitress.

"Hello ma'am, how can I help you."

I smiled at her replying,
"I am Aayat Saeed. I had booked a table for four. "

She pleasantly smiled back saying,
"Oh sure sure ma'am. This way."

I followed her into the seperate room of the restaurant , which had an architecture of wooden walls on three sides. Warm lights on the ceiling illuminating it, as the fourth glass wall offered the view of the city.

"What would you like to order ma'am?" The waitress asked.

"Nothing for now. I will place the order once my friends arrive."
I replied while settling down on the chair opposite of the glass wall.

"Okay." Saying so, she went of the room.

If anything that hasn't changed about my friends than it has to be their habit of arriving late. I took out my phone from sling bag and than dialed the number of Humaira.

She picked up the call after three ring .

"Assalam walaikum! Where are you three?" I asked to her .

"Walaikum salam. We just reached the restaurant. "

Before I could have said anything she cut the call. I huffed and then kept away my phone.

After almost 5 minutes the door of the room flew open and Humaira barged in followed by Soniya and Sila .

"Heyyy.... " They all said in unison.

I just ignored them. Humaira settled down on my right side while Soniya on the left side. Sila sat on the chair opposite of me.

Upon realising that I had just ignored their greetings Humaira asked while pouting,

"What? You are not going to talk at all and stay mad for rest of the evening?"

I looked at Humaira while narrowing my eyes. After our continuous staring at each other I finally said,

"Serves you three right for being late."

Humaira gasped while Soniya just replied ,

"Oh come on Aayat . We are barely 15 minutes late."

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