Chapter 17

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Hey guys!! Long time huh? Sorry... My friends have been complaining that my chapters aren't long enough so I'm gonna make this one super long. So that's why I haven't updated in forever! Oh, and don't you love one direction's new album!? I love them way to much.


Chapter 17:

I stood frozen to the spot, wide eyed. I stared at Zayn as he casually walked over to me with a lop-sided grin on his adorable face. He reached down and grabbed my hand in his, making my body feel electrified.

Still holding my hand tightly, he turned towards the audience.

"This is the girl I truly like. Not perrie." he said with confidence.

Turning back to me he asked "Courtney, will you go out with me??"


Without even thinking about it, I heard myself say "yes" with the biggest smile possible.

"it's about time!!!" Lou screamed from the back and ran up throwing his arms around our shoulders.

"thank god, it took you guys forever!" Harry groaned joining us in the front of the stage.

"whoa haz, I think you have something you need to do too!" I looked at him with the 'you've got to be kidding me look'.

Harry looked at us confused "what?"

Man, boys are stupid.

"Don't you have something you need to ask Kate?" Zayn looked at him like he was nuts.

Harry stood there for a moment until his face lit up.

"oh!!!! I forgot about that!" Harry yelled and then got Kate from behind and dragged her to the front also.

Kate kind of looked scared. I tried to hide my laughter at her face, but I understand why she would be freaking out too.

"kaitlyn? Would you be my girlfriend?" Harry asked nervously.

"of course!" she screamed smashing there lips together.

A chorus of 'awwwws' filled the crowd causing them to break apart.

Heehee. I think Kate forgot we were in front of thousands of people.

The boys and I just laughed at their embarrassed faces making Kate and Harry blush uncontrolably.

"hey!!" Louis pointed a finger at me and Zayn. "you shouldn't laugh cause you two need to do the same thing!"

"what?" Zayn and I asked surprised, at the same time.

Louis locked eyes with all the boys and Kate and started to chant "kiss. Kiss. Kiss!"

Everyone joined in, and soon the whole stadium was chanting along.

I'm going to kill that boy when we get outta here!

I mean Kate and Harry have missed before! Zayn and I haven't! Do I really want our first kiss in front of thousands?

Before I could even answer that question, Zayn pulled me towards him wrapping his arms around my waist. He looked down into my eyes with a sexy smirk on his face and crashed his lips on mine.

You know those cheesy movies where there like 'then there were fireworks'. They aren't exaggerating. I literally felt fireworks.

I'm so happy, I can die now.

Everyone was cheering loudly making us both smile into the kiss.

A little too soon for m liking, we pulled apart and grinned at each other.

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