Meeting the boss

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- - - -

I found out about a company called B and K known for making dresses fitted for men and women . I decided to take a hit at it so I went for the interview last week and luckily for me I got the job as a secretary . How wonderful could it be ? Alas , I could be independent . But what could've happened to my father's company all these while ? I'm sure he could've had a personal assistant or a second CEO or something to iron it out . I probably won't sit back and allow workers snatch my father's company and achievements but I have to keep my pace . ' Ahh I had a very bad day . I should go shower '. I have a first day of work ahead and I don't want to ruin all of it even though i'm not really interested .

I picked up my white towel and headed to the shower . I remembered moments when my maids would bathe me , when they would put a pillow for me to lay my head on . Though I would tell them I could bathe myself and not wanting to be served like a monarch . A tear quietly slipped down my face .

I stepped out of the shower carefully with my towel wrapped around my body . I gently took one of my body cream and rubbed it gently on my skin . I inhaled the smell which traveled around the air . Looking at myself in the mirror without saying anything , I wore my pyjamas and gently drifted off to sleep in my bed.

- - - -
beep beep beep !

My alarm suddenly shouted . I sprang out of my bed remembering that I had a job today . I just wanted to sit in my bed all day and flashback at the good memories but this heck of a job wouldn't let me.

I was dressed in a black knee gown with a little slit at the left side showing bit of my milky laps and a red suit . It was fitted . I wore a black covered shoe . I knew I looked so amazing . I checked my watch and noticed I had thirty - five minutes left so I quickly rushed downstairs .

" Look who's up already ? I just wanted to wake you up . " Sab smiled and I quickly snatched the coffee out of her hands and gave it one gulp to finish .
" I'm not a kid anymore " .
" Is that a compliment on how my coffee tasted ? "
" It was swell ".
" Admit it . " She said with a light smirk plastered on her face as she continued . " I made you breakfast anyway . "
" I'm late Sab. I can't have it ". the smile on her face fell . Just straight . I really don't want to hurt the one I love .
" But i can pack it . Just need a paper bag or nylon ". That smile was back again and I liked it , I never wanted it to drop . I packed my breakfast and left . standing at the doorway I quickly ran back to sab and kissed her on the cheek " Bye Sab ". I'm so scared of losing her .

I rode a cab straight to the office. entering the building I was uncomfortably . the glares were just too much . A cute voice rang from the speaker. " All newly employed , report to the board room at the seventh floor .

We all entered the building and sat down . Our director began his speech " Welcome to office . As this is your first day , i'm really impressed . I want what happened today to be like this till you're out of the office. I mean your punctuality and decency . As you should know , we don't accept lateness , laziness , indecency and trash talks . You are expected to do your given work as instructed . No false complains okay ? " We nodded in response . " Dismissed ".

" Miss Condor ..wait behind ." the same man said and I stopped in my tracks . He held his hand for a hand shake . I responded to his friendly gesture while studying his face . He seems to be in his early 40's
"Arthur ".

" Lana ".

" Yes, I know . Follow me , i'm to lead you to your office . " he smiled and I reciprocated .

We entered the elevator and came out . Arthur handed me the key to my office when he had opened it already . " You like the way it looks ? If you don't feel free to place a call to me and i'll help you to get a person to change it for you . "

" Wow... I love it already . Thanks sir . "

" You can call me Arthur ."

" That reminds me . The boss wants to see you . "

" okay ". I immediately zoomed out of the office . I don't even know where the boss office is located in this huge building . Oh father .

I walked down the hall way just to see a familiar pair of green eyes staring at me . My smile drops suddenly while his gets wider . The sudden tension is becoming irritating .

" What are you doing here . Must you follow me like you did the other day ?" I narrowed my eyes at him.


as i got out of the restaurant and i began walking home which isn't far just thirty minutes away from here . i noticed a car trailing behind me but i didn't give a damn to look back . i continued walking until i heard the voice i listened to few minutes ago that caused me to leave . " do you mind a ride ? "
i still didn't look back .i'm not ready to make friends with anybody that would cause me to remember the past which i'm trying so hard to forget .
" play hard to get huh ?" i looked back and gave him a death glare without uttering a word .
" do you need a ride ? "
" i don't need a ride . i have legs and even if i need one i won't grab from somebody like you so would you get out of my back you little prick idiot . I DON'T NEED YOUR RIDE dick head . "

yea that was what happened.
" Gosh . I don't want to see you again " I retorted .

" oh Lana . I see you've found the boss ." I looked back to see a terrified Arthur standing right behind me .

" Oh I haven't . "

" You might not want to say that ."
I looked back at Brad and back at Arthur . " Brad is the boss ?"

Arthur seemed like he was giving me a hint " Mr " he whispered .

" Arthur leave ". There was authority in his voice .

" Glad you remember my name . now I know yours . Lana ?"

" I'm the owner of this company and I called you to inform you that you are to work for me ".

My body stiffened at the tone of his voice . " I'm s-sorry sir , for my r-ru-rudeness " I ran quickly  back to my office .

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