"Hello everyone and welcome to Saturday. I'm here with Mr.Chugga or Emile, Jon, Tim Masea and Mal and we are at a restaurant to celebrate Emile Adoption!" Steven explained moving the camera to show everyone, he stopped the camera at me and told me to say hi. I was gonna say more.

"Hello Internet welcome to food! Nah, not yet anyways. My name is Lindsey and as you can tell i do indeed have an accent and the first words Jon said to me when we got here was Where the hell did you get that accent?  It was really funny, Now Steven are you guys coming over to play games with us? You better or i'll murder your Arse ( Is that how you spell it??) !!" I asked Steven trying my hardest to keep a serious face.

He nodded the camera and turned it off. After he turned it off we all burst out laughing. This was the first time i laughed this hard in awhile. After a while we all had tears in our eyes or leaning on one another, Chuckling. 

"Hey Lindsey where did you come up with that intro? i like it." Dad asked me after we calmed down a bit more.

"Oh i'm also a fan of Game Theories and  it just stuck to me." I told him reminding myself to watch his recent video.

He nodded his head and started a Convosation with Masea and Jon, Tim Mal and Steven were all talking to each other so i took out my phone and pulled up my Sign Language app. I'm Learning Sign Language so that i have a way with communication in school.

"Lin's What are you doing?" Mal asked me via sign language, i forgot she knew sign language.

"I'm Learning sign Language for school because i don't plan on talking unless i really know you." I signed back. 

before she could reply our food came and we started eating. Dad and Jon throwing their napkins at each other. I swear they are 5 year old in a 23 and 28 year old body


Hey guys! its chrismas eve or Toy Day if your in Animal crossing right now \(>.<)\.  anyways hope you guys have a happy Chrismas and since im bored write now i'm gonna do ten facts about me!

SilverClaw- Your gonna get blackMailed for this. Hope you know that.


1. I am a 13 year old African American child \(*^*)\_ 

2. I live in the state of Illinois

3. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters some being from a different mother but the same father. 

4.I have an Instagram and you can find me by looking up D3zi26

5.I'm in 8th Grade

6.I Have a Cracked Iphone 5c Whoops

7. I have Glasses and contacts but i dont wear the contacts anymore.

8.I'm sick with a sore throat and stuffy nose -_-

9. I have to get braces in April....

10. Im now starting to watch Emile's new video ^*^

Extra. My birthday is 02-26-2001


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