Chapter Tobias+Tris *Part 2*

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Chapter Tobias+Tris (10) *Part 2*

Tris' POV:

It's been a long and restless night. Tobias tries to get me to sleep, but nothing he says calms me. He isn't sleeping either.

Earlier, I asked him to move me over a bit, so he could get in the hospital bed too. I was afraid if I moved on my own, I'd pop a stitch.

So, now, at 3:30 in the morning, we lay in bed holding each other, trying to comfort one another with our presence.


"Mm-hmm?" He replies lazily.

"I'm scared."

"Me too Tris," he admits, "but, he'll be alright."

Silent tears slip down my cheeks. Even in the dark, Tobias seems to sense that I'm crying. He pulls me even closer to him.

"How are you not falling apart right now?" I ask through the tears.

"I'm being strong for you. And I have hope, Tris."

"You do?"

"Of course. I already know he's a strong little guy. Just like his Mommy." He replies.

"And his Daddy." My eyes droop, and soon I fall asleep. And the only thing keeping me from awakening, is hope.


I wake up at around 9:30. I look over and see Tobias had fallen asleep as well. I start to smile, but then I remember. My baby.

I sigh, and press my palms to my eyes, pushing the tears back.

The movement wakes Tobias up.

"Sorry." I whisper.

He doesn't reply, he just holds me.

A nurse walks through our door with a clip board.

"Are you Four and Tris Eaton?" She asks.

We nod.

"Your child's health is something you should be concerned about. Right now we have him on a breathing machine, and IV's to get liquid through him." She explains.

I cry into Tobias' shirt, and I feel his tears run into my hair.

"Can we see him?" He asks.

"Well, yes. But only very briefly. And Mrs. Eaton, you will need to be in a wheelchair."

I nod.

How did this happen? I never did anything that could've caused harm to our son. Absolutely nothing.

Tears well up in my eyes thinking about our baby, who isn't healthy.
He may never get to play, or laugh. He doesn't deserve this.

The nurse leaves to get a wheelchair for me.

"Tobias..." I whimper, fighting back tears.

He holds me, telling me everything will be alright.

"Tobias I don't know if I can go in there without breaking down completely," I confess.

"I bet once you see him you'll be to overwhelmed with joy to even notice his condition. Tris, this is our child! He's ours! Aren't you at least a little excited?" He tries to lighten the mood.

I look down sheepishly, with a small smile creeping it's way onto my face.


He smiles back, and whispers, "Let's go see our son."

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