things to do instead of watching tv

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Hey girls! It's sofia! Since we are in quarantine, I decided why not share these? We tend to get bored at our house right?
Hope y'all enjoy these queens! 💕


Boost your productivity 🎆

🌻 read a book
🌻 rethink your goals
🌻 do journaling
🌻 schedule or plan out your day
🌻 make a morning or night routine
🌻 unfollow toxic people or social media platforms
🌻 do brain games or quizzes

Get organized ✨

🌼 plan your meals
🌼 complete maintenance around your home
🌼  start a garden
🌼 alphabetize spices
🌼 organize one kitchen drawer a day
🌼 organize drawers
🌼 fix something around your house
🌼 learn to cook better food
🌼 get rid of your clutter
🌼 clean out your pantry

Learning new skills 🌠

🌹 graphic design

furniture making
🌹 app development
🌹 baking
🌹 web development
🌹 affiliate marketing
🌹 podcasting
🌹 code


That's all! Til next' time!
Have a wonderful day/ evening!  <333
~ Tol_Giraffe

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