Chapter 1

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Michael's POV

I was awoken by the sound of footsteps and voices in the hallway. I groaned and rolled over in bed, whoever it was, they were not making any attempt to be quiet.

I quickly lifted my head up to check the time on the alarm clock.


I groaned yet again and threw my head back down on the pillow. 

I had been up until only a few hours ago performing at an arena with my band mates, Calum, Ashton and Luke.

After 20 minutes of failed sleeping attempts, I grabbed my phone from the table and scrolled through twitter.

The people in the hall were still walking around and talking.

Suddenly I heard footsteps close to my door and Brenda, our maid, stuck her head through the small gap she had made between my door and the door frame.

"Oh, Michael, good to see you're up. I am going to need you to come to the library, you have 10 minutes." She smiled and closed the door.

I stretched as she closed the door and then I got out of bed. I would definitely not have enough time to shower before heading out, but I hurried into my bathroom to brush my teeth.

I didn't want Calum to smell my no doubt horrible morning breath if he was going to be there, or anyone who was going to be there too.

After brushing as fast as possible, I dressed in black skinny jeans and a shirt that was on my bed.

As I walked out I played with my hair so I didn't look like a complete slob, and walked down the complicated maze of hallways and doors until I reached the library.

When I entered the library nearly all the residence of the institute were sitting around the table and sitting on the lounges and random chairs that were in there.

I sat on one of the last free wooden chairs and began talking to the boy sitting next to me. His name was Dean, he was only 7 years old, so our conversation wasn't very intellectual, which was good because it was only 5:30 but considering how early in the morning it was this kid seemed quite smiley.

"There was just so many lollies and chocolates and a rainbow ice-cream river!" Dean was flailing his arms around as he explained his dream from last night to me.

"And then it started raining maltesers, and I tilted my head up and I caught some in my mouth but then-" 

Just as Dean went to tell me more about his extravagant dream someone clapped, in an obvious attempt to capture the rooms attention.

The room went silent and all stared towards the doorway where Preston and Erica stood. 

Erica and Preston were in charge around here.

"I will make this quick for we do have to be going straight away." Erica started "For all of you who are not aware, there has been an emergency and all the trained adult shadowhunters from the institutes over the world will have to quickly get to Idris. I do not have enough time to explain details as we have to get away as quickly as possible, all who will be going have already packed and we will be going right away. I have a warlock making the portal as we speak."

Wait all trained adults? I am one of those.

Are the other boys going? What about the band?

As if reading my mind Preston spoke up "I can see the questioning looks on a few of your faces, you guys will be staying behind because we need more eyes on the small children, Brenda can not do this all on her own and due to having prior agreements."

Brenda walked in and spoke to Erica. 

"The portal is ready we must be going, we will be gone indefinitely." with that Erica grabbed her bag from the floor and both her and Preston left the doorway.

As all the adults in the room stood up I quickly scanned the room for my parents and ran over to say goodbye.

"We will be back soon hopefully. I'll miss you." My mother gave me a hug and rested her hand on my cheek.

"I love you, Stay safe, Don't do anything to stupid to get yourself killed." My father laughed and patted my back.

My mother laughed and gave me a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek as she and dad rushed away quickly.


First chapter guys yay!

Its only the first chapter but I hope you like it so far. 

Sorry it took me so long to get this up, I've been having a kind of block and its been hard to start this off because I want it to be good. 

Hopefully we will update frequently :) x


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