16: Across Campus

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I’ve never seen Asher so happy to see me before. As soon as I step out of the door of the police station, he’s standing there, l so happy to see me before. As soon as I step out of the door of the police station, he'eaning against the car. He sees me, stands up straight, and smiles. “Chase, hey,” he waves. It’s not like I couldn’t see him, there was no one else about, but I still humour him and wave back.

“Hey bro,” I greet back, as I near him we both quicken our paces and hug. It’s a very manly hug, totally not a girly hug that you see in one of those chick flicks. Ah, who am I kidding. I don't care if it looked like a moment straight out a cheesy teen movie, I missed my best friend and I wasn't going to hide it.  “You alright?” I ask him, pulling away.

He nods. “I’m good,” he grins, “thought you were having a laugh when you called and said you needed a ride. Thought you had come up with some sort of jail break,” he admits, “got kind of excited for a moment.”

I laugh. “Then you realised I was just getting released and wasn’t?” I pretend to look upset, before shrugging it off. “Meh, I would’ve been the same.”

Asher laughs, and taps me on the shoulder. “I missed you man.”

“Ew, okay,” a voice comes from the side of us, making Asher and my head turn simultaneously, “that’s enough of the chick flick moment, can we please go and see why Harley isn’t answering her god damn phone?”

Nate is walking towards us, a squirming Jellybean in his arms, his cheeks puffed like he’d been running.

“How’d you know we were here?” Asher asks, giving Nate a suspicious glare.

Placing Jellybean on the floor, he pulls a treat from his pocket and gives it to the dog, before standing up and facing Asher and me. “Called the police station to try get hold of Chase to see if he knew where Harley was. They told me Chase got released about twenty minutes ago and was being processed. So I ran from the park, and now here we are.”

 “Wait, why do you want to know where Harley is?” I ask. “Surely one of you has been with her all day?” I narrow my eyes at both of them, my glare deepening as they both turn away. “Oh, so you’re telling me I’m being framed for murder, which we all know,” I give them pointed stares, “meaning the real murderer is on the loose, and you two just leave Harley all alone?”

Nate is the one to answer me, after sharing a few uncomfortable glances with Asher. “We both had things to do, in our defence, and Harley is a big girl, I’m sure she’s fine.”

“You do realise you’re the one that’s worried about her right?” I tell him. “Well, I am now too, but you were the one-“

Nate cuts me off, picking up the dog. “Yeah, I get the point. Can we go now?”

Asher quickly pulls the car keys out of his pocket, and walks swiftly to the car. “Yeah, let’s go,” he opens the car door, and reaches down for something. Picking up his phone, he turns to me, and hands it to me. “Call Harley.”

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