Chapter Twenty Five-"Do I have you there for me too?"

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~Dedicated to jealous boys~

Chapter Twenty Five-"Do I have you there for me too?"

I was panicking big time while I hid in a cubicle of a toilet. Sure maybe I was overreacting by running into the toilet and locking myself in because I found about my father being Amanda’s father too, but hey I was just an almost eighteen year old girl who was still dealing with the affections of a boy so sue me if I felt like running out of that restaurant screaming like a mad banshee woman and never to return.

Yes I Vivienne Lanter was finally having a mental breakdown over meeting her father for the very first time. Did I really want to meet Edward Williams, the man who had left my mother after learning she was pregnant with me and then he went and had another daughter who was almost the same age as me; could I handle having a man who was absent for so long in my life suddenly enter it now after meeting Jeff and the way he treats Holly?

I bit my lower lip as I stared at the white door in front of me. God this cubicle was small. How did people even pee in here without feeling claustrophobic or scared that they’d get trapped in here forever because I mean how often did you clean a toilet in a restaurant? Sucking in a deep breath, I mentally counted to ten before I decided that I was going to face my fears like a brave girl I should have been a long time ago.

Then as I stood up, I decided against my plan and plonked right back onto the toilet seat and sighed. There was no way I was going out of this cubicle to face Amanda and Edward. Could I ever call him dad? The word sounded so foreign to me, just like the thought of me being a confident blonde who didn’t get bullied for wearing glasses and being a nerd occasionally. I didn’t want to meet my father in the restaurant owned by my best friend’s father.

Oh God, what was I going to tell Juliet? She knew about my father problems but she didn’t know anything about the letter or the meeting. Since when had my life gotten this complicated? Well that’s an obvious Viv. Does making a deal with Sean ring a bell? Don’t be a retard now, you know full well that popularity isn’t the best of things but of course you traded tuitions happily to get back at Matt and now look at you. You’re locked in a cubicle and contemplating eating toilet roll because let’s face it, you’re starving.

“Lanter, you’re in here?”

I snapped out of my thoughts at Sean’s familiar voice and sucked in a breath as I opened the cubicle door a crack and peeped out. Sean had entered the restrooms looking around a bit embarrassed as he checked through the first door. I couldn’t help the small smile that took over my lips as the thought of bad boy Sean Gregory who wore leather jackets and combat boots, looking for me in a dainty looking restroom which I was afraid of living in for the rest of my sad life.

Sean turned away from the first door then spotted me. He raised an eyebrow at me before asking, “Seriously, you’re really going to stay there forever?”

“Maybe,” I replied, “or maybe I’m just going to sneak out the window.”

Sean approached me and after a few minutes of struggling between the both of us, as we fought over who had control over the door, Sean won. He pulled it open and waited patiently but after a few minutes, he realised that I wasn’t going to budge from my spot. Crossing his arms, Sean came to stand directly in front of the door, blocking my way out to the window where my escape lay.

“Okay Lanter, what’s the big deal?” Sean asked.

I squirmed under his gaze then cast my eyes downwards at my shoes then back up at Sean as I answered softly, “That man outside…Amanda’s father…”

“Edward?” Sean prompted.

I nodded then felt my eyes sting slightly as I replied, “Edward is…uh…he’s my father too…”

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