I love you...

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"We start in five, find Niall and Leah NOW!"

I heard John panicking. I stood up and my freshly made curls bounced by my shoulders when I walked towards the door. It was slightly open and i took a peek outside. Pure chaos out there.

My eyes stopped on Ed and gave him a 'where's Niall' look. He smiled and mouthed an 'i dont know'. I stepped out and as soon as John saw me everyone was all over me. A woman wanted to fix my make-up one last time, some guy was adding glitter in my hair...


"I am. But where's Niall?"

"We havent found him yet. I'm sure he'll be right here."

He smiled but I could see he was nervous. I took my phone and dialed his number. It rang 4 times and then he finnaly answered me.

"Talk to me..."

"NIALL! Where the hell are you? John is gonna kill you!"


He chuckled.

"I'll be right there hon."

I hung up and threw the phone to Ed, that was now standing a few steps away from me. He almost dropped it but he cought it.

"Where is he?"

"I don't know. Hes on his way."

"Oh, okay. You look beautiful by the way."


I smiled. I was wearing a short navy blue strapless dress and black heels. Its gonna be hard walking around in a field with them but I'll manage. I saw Niall runnig towards us. He was wearing a blue shirt with a black jacket and some dark jeans.

"We ready?"

"We were 10 minutes ago Niall."

John was really annoying when it comes to his scedule. We sighed.

"Okay so Ed, you'll be playing the guitar over here, Leah you go sit on the swing, and Niall when i give you the signal you start walking towards her and do your thing."

I noticed a small smirk on Nialls face. He must've been really excited about this video. I did as I was told and sat on the swing, waiting for John to give me another directions. I kept my eyes on Niall at all time. Blue was really his color. I should make him wear it more often.

John nodded and Niall started walking towards me up the hill, while Ed was siting by the tree, playing the song a few feet away from me. Everyones eyes were on me and I felt kinda weird, but I could get used to it. Niall finnaly made his way to the swing and stepped behind me.

He slightly pushed me and I almost fell down because i wasnt expecting it. Then he walked around the tree, keeping his eyes on me. When I stopped swinging he came back to me. He took my hand and knealed before me and took a small box out of his pocket.

I closed my eyes and smiled. After I opened my exes again, I saw Niall, openning the box in which I saw the ring from my dreams. It was exactly like that one. I felt a tear streamed down my face. I looked at the ring, and than Nialls eyes. They were watery too.

"We've been together for years now,

we had our ups and downs,

but honey believe me when I say,

I'm gonna love you till the end."

Those were the words in our song. I felt more than one tear, now pouring out of my eyes.

"Marry me?"

And in that moment, nothing else but the thought of Niall and me, together forever, skipped my mind. I took a deep breath.

"Of course!"

He smiled and i knealed next to him, hugging him and making him loose balance. We started rolling down the hill, laughing, crying... After we stopped I opened my eyes and kissed him.

"Forever together right?"

"Forever Ni."

I leaned my head on his shoulder and felt him shaking. I took his hand and squeezed it tight.

"I love you."

I closed my eyes as he whispered into my ear:

"I love you more."


I was really busy with school and everything and I still am, so sorry for not uploading and sorry for this really short chapter! I promise, I'll make it up to you somehow. Vote and comment! Love you =)xx

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