~ Author's POV ~ 

{meanwhile, at Stagg's Industries...} 

Detective West and Thawne were interviewing Stagg until the meta-human that clones himself appeared. As they went behind the boxes to protect themselves, him and other two clones started shooting at them. "Get Stagg out of here, I'll cover for you." Joe said to Eddie and immediately pulled him and Stagg away from the clones. 

Joe went behind the barrels and shoot the clones, only hitting one. The real ducked down, pulling his mask off. However, there was another men. All three (the real and the two clones) raised their guns and shot, advancing on him. They didn't went far, but that gave a chance for Barry now to shot in, taking the guns and giving to Joe.  "Go!" he told the detective, who after repeating to leave again, did what Barry said. Barry tried to knock some down, but a lot more of then appeared in front of him and started kicking him, until he fell to the grown.

When they dropped Barry in some barreles, he standed up and ran from the building, going right away to Star Labs. 

{at Star Labs}

Caitlin cleaned his wounds with Barry wincing at most of them. "Sorry, your cuts are healing fast." she said, looking at Barry, who was still in pain. "I got my a$$ handed to me" he told her, sighing. "You got blood on my suit." Cisco complained. "I think some of it belongs to the meta-human. Another not so friendly meta-human." he retorted, trying to defend himself. "Danton Black. He's a bio geneticist specialized in therapeutic cloning. Growing new new organs to replace the failing ones."  Dr. Well informed the three, looking at the files, that were on the computer. "Apparently, Stagg stole his research and fired him" Caitlin explained. "I saw him creates duplicates from his own body." Barry said when standed up. "Huh, ironic. The guy specializes in cloning and now he can make xeroxes of himself." Cisco spoke. "If he was experimenting on himself when the Particle Accelerator explode-" Dr.Wells said but Cisco cut him off. "Meet Captain Clone!" Cisco said cheerful, leaving an annoyed Caitlin to spoke up "That's horrible, you need to come with a better one." she said, rolling her eyes and looking at the screen again.

"Where are you going?" Cisco asked, making Barry look at the three. "Joe was right. I'm way over my head, Yeah, I'm fast,  but I'm not a warrior. I couldn't fight one meta-human, imagine six of them." he explained, looking at they would say. "Barry" Caitlin protested but Dr. Wells spoke up "I understand, today was a setback. But any grand enterprise has them, and we can neveer learn to fly without some crashes sometimes." he told him "This wasn't a grand enterprise, Dr. Wells. This was a mistake." Barry said, leaving and going home.

{after the scene between him with Kate, at the rooftop of a building}

Barry was really relieved that Kate apologized him. He carried her to a rooftop, when he dropped her, she almost fell to the ground. "Ok, I think I almost ate a fly." she said making a disgusting face. "Wait, how-how are we here?" she asked amazed at him. "I run fast now." he said who moved fastly at her side. "Wow!" she said smiling "That's awesome!" she said looking at him. 

"I didn't told you cause Joe said to me I shouldn't say this to Iris." he explained "And by telling you, she'd know by you." he said looking at her. "I won't tell her." she promised "I know you guys want to keep her safe." she retorted, looking now at the view. "Do you want to stay here for a bit?" he asked and she nodded. 

She rested her head at Barry's shoulder, who put his arm around her waist and they stayed like this. In a confortable silence, looking at the stars from the sky.

I know its short but that was all I could write now. Still, Happy Hanukkah/Christmas/Kwanzaa or other holiday that you guys celebrate. <3 <3 <3 U GUYS


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