The Chapters I Will Rewrite

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Every time someone comments, I am forced to read my own stupid chapters, so I decided to rewrite most chapters. But of course not all because that would take forever.

I will rewrite all the catch ups, the chapters with the most views, the chapters I find the cringiest or have the worst writing/spelling mistakes, and the chapters that mention gender because I want this book to be for both genders. 

I can't promise the grammar will be better since English isn't my mother language, but I do promise it will be WAY better than it was before. And I also gotten a LOT better at writing scenario books so the writing should also become better.

I am already hating this because I can already feel that this will take forever, but I asked if I should delete the book since it's my least favorite or rewrite it, and everyone said just rewrite it since they like the book.

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