Chapter 6: Settling Our Differences (Finally)

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- Dean spoke to Charlie and she advised he "man up and get a pair" which turned out to not be very helpful.

- What Dean didn't understand is why Castiel wanted Charlie's help; he's the one being an ass, so why would he feel bad about it? It all just makes Castiel Novak more and more confusing but interesting.

- Sadly, it's an hour from his meeting and Dean needs to go to the office and get ready. He had no idea that the music business took up this much time, or so much thought. Singing in front of thousands of people was definitely pee-your-pants scary, but after a while, everything just blends together and it's like talking to yourself. Easy.

- Anna and Balthazar are somewhat Dean's friends, although they are more colleagues than anything. By the looks of it, Balthazar should be the one picking out his outfits since he has style and knows what is best for this and that. Not that Dean's complaining, Anna did do a terrific job - or Castiel since he actually picked it out.

- There he is again, Castiel Novak. Dean doesn't know why he keeps popping up in his thoughts, it's not like Dean even likes him. The man's a douche, period. How can you just call off a friendship like that? It's just cruel.

- Cass was always so sweet and shy at the coffee shop, yet, now he's cold, hard, and cruel. He didn't even treat Anna respectfully, for the most part, but it could have been from the amount of stress he was put under. Anna's a sweet girl too, how could someone not treat her fairly?

- Dean checked out of his motel room, checking for fangirls first, and started up his baby to hear her engine purr. Just what he needed, relaxation. All of the stress from the past two days seemed to fade away. He pulled out and began the short journey to Novak Recordings building, which is huge, and blasted Led Zeppelin on the way. If you ask Dean, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin are the best, no questions asked.

- The drive seemed all too short and soon enough, Dean was pulling into the buildings parking lot. California is always crowded no matter where you go, that's why Dean prefers Kansas where his mother and father are. It took him more time than wanted to find a free parking space.

- Dean swiftly got out of the Impala and ran into a short man wearing a suit. When Dean took a better look, he noticed his eyes are the color of whiskey.

- "Hey, you're Dean Winchester, right?" The man said with a smile and a sucker in his mouth. If someone like this guy knows his name, Dean must be kinda popular.

- "In the flesh. Who might you be?" Dean asked and returned the smile.

- "Gabriel Novak, I'm Cassie's brother. Going in for your interview? If I may, I advise you avoid Cassie for the day. I talked to him earlier and he's pissed off at everything. Anyway, have a nice day!" Gabriel yelled while jogging away from Dean, who nodded and continued making his way into the giant building. Of coarse he's pissed, isn't he normally?

- Deep down, Dean knows he shouldn't be so cruel to Castiel; he must be under a lot of stress. Part of Dean doesn't regret thinking what he has, Cass was being an asshole after all.

- "Hi, Mr. Winchester!" Anna yelled while waving her hand to get his attention. "Mr. Novak picked out your suit already!"

- Dean smiled, still hating his name around here, but followed Anna to the fitting room and examined the suit. It is navy blue with a white dress shirt and a navy tie, simple enough, and black slacks. After shrugging and taking it off the hook, Castiel yelled and jogged towards their direction.

- "No! Don't put that on yet, I grabbed the wrong shirt," Castiel said while snatching it from Dean's hands.

- "Looks fine to me," Dean said, annoyance hinting in his voice, which Castiel noticed and scowled at him for.

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