Chapter 1 (Sneak Peek)

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The Creations Saga 

Novel #1

Red Sand

Chapter 1

The Need to Run

Knowing the purpose of life means having no life at all.



I awoke to the cold. Not an unpleasant cold, but a refreshing chill that rouses one's mind from a deep slumber. That was exactly what it felt like, too, as if I was waking from a dream. However, the dream didn't feel like a way to occupy my mind while I rested, but rather a way to revisit old memories, both the good and the bad ones. The memories drifted from my mind, as well as the chill, and were replaced by a bitter yet satisfied emotion. Only this emotion remained following the ancient remembrances. I couldn't recall any one thing anymore. Just a chaos of emotions ending in bittersweet happiness.

I decided not to question the mysterious happiness inside me. I let it envelop me until it spread electrical currents throughout my body, starting at my core and working its way outward. I reveled in it for what could have been mere seconds or several days, just enjoying the strange emotion, though all too soon I noticed my other senses establish themselves. The pleasant emotion was long forgotten and replaced with a new awareness.

I could now feel the ground beneath me; it was damp, but soft and spongy. It was comforting. I could have drifted back into the abyss, completely satisfied due to the softness of it. I could hear the air moving around me; it was gentle as it caressed my shape, bristling the little hairs on my body. I could smell what surrounded me; it was pleasant and earthy and suited the quality of the ground and air perfectly, so much that I turned my head and gently sniffed the moss beneath me. I could also taste what I smelled on my tongue, an odd sensation. It was different, yet I knew it was from my surroundings, as well. Everything had a moist feel, but not so much that it was unpleasant. Lastly, I opened my eyes. This sense came just as naturally as the others, but the shock of the scene surrounding me made my eyes widen further still. There was much to absorb in my environment, and I couldn't do it nearly fast enough.

The scene before me was enchanting. My breath ceased while I immersed myself in every detail that I could. Everything was covered in beautiful green. Not just one green, but several different shades of jade, emerald, olive, and mint layered the land. Mighty majestic trees of every kind towered over the landscape, and I soon noticed the additional colors of the spectrum dotted throughout the terrain.

I beheld every shade of daisy imagined, strewn throughout a magnificent field to the north. Amethyst lilies and indigo forget-me-nots lined the trees all around me. Pale pink and blood-red petunias were spread through fluffy mint-colored bushes to the south. I moved my gaze upward and admired several twinkling lights strewn throughout the sky. Some were brighter than others, but each one was utterly unique and beautiful in its own way. Although, all these delightful images before me were completely outshined by the vast ivory sphere sitting separate yet within the same mass of darkness above.

The beautiful orb seemed to be gazing into my very being, and I gazed back. I felt a strange familiar comfort as I admired the sphere, yet the sight was brand new. It was as if I had glimpsed it before but was now seeing it for the very first time, perhaps in a different light or from a conflicting perspective. I then noticed the feeling that laid within my chest. An unpleasant one. Like it was hollowed, waiting to be filled by some unknown source.

I was finally able to tear my gaze away from the orb when I heard the sound of gushing water. I scanned the area for the source of the alluring noise. To the west was a break in the trees. The sound beckoned me. I sauntered towards the undergrowth. The moss and flowers were cold and damp under my feet, but it felt reassuring, natural.

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