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-5 days later-

It's been 5 days and I'm feeling a lot more better. Though the doctor said I'm still not healthy enough to go which was stupid. I'm feeling good.

"Hey muffin." Kylie said as she stepped in to my room. I smiled at her as she sat down on the couch.

"Where's Justin?" I asked her

"Oh, he's at your house." she shrugged

What in the world is he doing at my house? Is he hooking up with Ashley again? Is that why he's been acting weird lately? But I thought he hated her.

"What?" I asked Kylie

"Yeah?" Kylie replied and furrowed her eyebrow but then I'm pretty sure something knocked her sense because she looked afraid and confused.

"What is he doing?" I asked

"I uh.. I- I don't know." she said then stood up.

"What do you mean you don't know?"

"I g-gotta go." she said then stormed out of the room. That was weird. I took my new phone, since my previous one was crashed in the accident. I dialed Justin's number and waited until he answer the phone.

"Hey." he breathed

"Hi where are you?" I asked him

"I'm still at the office. I'll come over later, is that okay?" he just fucking lied.

"Sure." I said than hung up the phone.

Let's just see if he will fucking lie in front of me again later.

*Justin's POV*

Addie giggled uncontrollably as she tapped on my phone multiple times after I hung up the phone. I felt bad for lying to Ella the whole time but Addie is just too cute and she's fun. Don't get me wrong I've been extremely stressed lately and spending time with Addie is 100 times better than hooking up, smoking or drinking. Right?

"Okay I'll go now." I said as I took my phone and picked Addie up and settled her in my hips. I gave her to Thomas then said goodbye then I went to the hospital but then Kylie called.



"What's up?"

"Ella didn't know" she said. I furrowed my eyebrow


"Ashley, she didn't know it was Ashley behind the accident." she said frustratedly

"Oh yeah, I'll do it when the time's right."

"The time's right, right now Justin."

"She just got better, Kylie. I don't want to stress her out." I stated.

"Well, whatever. She's gonna find out eventually." she said and with that she hung up. Kylie gets so annoying sometimes, it's like she's everywhere.

I pulled in to the empty spot in front of the hospital and made my way to Ella's room. As expected she was sitting on her bed while looking around the room. I felt really bad for her though, there's literally nothing to do in here.

"Hey babe." I greeted her and kissed her cheek. She just gave me a nod and continued to stare at the wall ahead of her. "Everything's alright?" I asked her concerned.

"Yeah, is everything alright, Justin?"

"Yup." I answered popping the "p"

She seemed a little off today but I decided to not to push her any further about it. I sat on the chair by her bed and took her hand

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