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It's been several hours since the blood moon ball had started, and Xavier forgot about the attention he was getting. It was mostly thanks to his brothers, who kept him occupied. He chuckled as he was dancing with Axel, while Alex was dancing with Aaron right next to them. They were trying to do the waltz. However, they were failing pretty badly. They kept stepping onto each other's shoes or bumping into each other. Xavier and Axel found it extremely funny and kept laughing the entire time, while the other two were arguing about who was doing what wrong. Xavier also noticed their family watching them with amusement and were laughing at them, especially Dominic and Isaac.

Xavier tried to focus on dancing. However, there was still one person who had caught his attention and stayed in his mind. He could clearly feel the man's gaze on him, watching him dance all night. Though, whenever he would look at him, the man wasn't looking at him. It made him feel like he was going crazy. As he was dancing and laughing, his eyes finally met with the pair of red eyes. He immediately looked away and looked back at his brother. Xavier could feel his face heating up from the attention. He sneaked another look at the man again and went red when his eyes met with his. The man was staring at him intensely. Xavier felt his entire face go red and hot. He snapped out of it when Axel asked him what was wrong. "Oh, it's nothing." Xavier lied as he looked back at his brother with a smile. Axel looked at him suspiciously while humming at him. "Sure." He said, not believing his brother. They continued dancing for a while, but Xavier kept thinking about the man.

"I'm gonna go grab a drink," Xavier said with a smile as he felt thirsty from dancing all night long. "Okay," Axel replied with a smile of his own and watched his brother pull away and walk towards the long table filled with drinks and food. As Axel turned around to look back at the other two, he stopped when something caught his attention. The king was staring at Xavier and was watching him as he was seated on his throne. It finally clicked why Xavier was acting weird and was blushing while they were dancing. The first thought that came to mind didn't sit well with him. The king fancied Xavier. And judging by how his brother reacted, Xavier might have liked him as well. He shook that thought from his head. It could be because his brother was shy and was embarrassed at the attention he was getting.

He didn't blame him; King Ezra was remarkably handsome and looked young compared to his actual age. He had straight long black hair that reached his waist, which signified his high status. His eyes were usually gold, but were now a deep red, while his skin had a light natural tan to it. King Ezra was also tall, around six feet and 7 inches tall, and had the right amount of muscles on him. However, he knew that if his family knew what was happening, they would not be pleased. Nicolas would probably lock up Xavier in his room for the rest of his life for his protection and safety. So, Axel decided to stay quiet for now and talk to his brother once they were alone.

Xavier was looking around at the table, looking for a glass of water while avoiding looking at the king. He was extremely parched from dancing and laughing so much. A couple seconds later, Xavier jumped when he felt hands on his shoulders all of a sudden. "My favorite little nephew." Xavier sighed in relief when he realized that it was only Antonio. "Uncle! How many times do I have to tell you to not sneak up on me?" Xavier huffed as he turned around and glared at his uncle. Antonio laughed in response and ruffled the boy's hair. Xavier only groaned and let his uncle mess up his hair, knowing he couldn't win. "I missed you, little buddy!" Antonio said with a laugh, his eyes twinkling with happiness. "You just missed torturing me," Xavier said, making his uncle laugh. "Well, I did miss that too," Antonio said, making Xavier snort.

As Xavier was about to reply back, he stopped when he saw the king was walking around. He hoped that the king wouldn't stop by them as he saw the king stopping and talking to some of the guests. "What's wrong?" Antonio said before looking around and stopping when he noticed that the king was walking towards them. Xavier immediately wanted the ground to swallow him whole. "General Oberon," The king greeted Antonio with a polite smile when he stopped by them. "Your Highness," Antonio replied back, bowing his head in welcoming. Xavier kept his eyes down on the floor, he didn't know to react or where to look. He suddenly felt a lot of pressure being built on his shoulders and felt extremely and weak and heavy. It was as if he had been carrying a giant rock on his back and wasn't allowed to move or look up. "May you introduce your guest? I have not seen him before." The king asked as he was now looking directly at Xavier. Antonio looked at his nephew, who looked intimidated. He couldn't blame the kid, the king had an extremely dominating aura, not many people could handle it, especially humans.

"This is my nephew, Xavier, your Highness. He is the son of Nicolas and Sebastian Oberon." Antonio said. Xavier finally looked up at the king and immediately felt goosebumps forming all over his body. He clenched his jaw to steady himself. The king looked even more handsome and breathtaking up close. He finally understood why a lot of people wanted to mate with the king. He felt captivated by the king's deep red eyes. King Ezra felt intrigued by the human. The human had the brightest and purest blue eyes he'd ever seen. He could clearly see the innocence in his eyes. The human looked extremely naive, innocent, and uncorrupted. He didn't look like any human, vampire, or species he'd ever met. They had all had some kind of corruption in their eyes, whether it was intentional or not.

After a couple of seconds, Xavier snapped out of it and looked away when he realized he was openly staring at the king. He could feel a lot of heated and angry glared being directed towards him. "He's human." The king briefly stated as he looked back at his general. "Yes, Your Highness," Antonio said, making the king hum in response. "Please stop by my office once the event is over, General Oberon. I have something to discuss with you." King Ezra continued. "Yes, your Highness," Antonio said and bowed at the king. King Ezra smiled again, politely at his general, and looked back the human boy who was avoiding looking at him. He smiled and left the two to talk to his other guests.

Xavier's knees almost buckled in weakness when the king had left. He grabbed onto his uncle's sleeves when he felt lightheaded. "Are you okay?" Antonio asked, and when Xavier was about to answer, he was interrupted. "Are you okay? What did he want?" Nicolas asked as he pulled Xavier close to him and pulled into his arms. He had wanted to intervene and pull his son away when he had noticed the scene, but he couldn't. He was stopped by Sebastian. He could also see that his mate looked angry and wanted to step in, but they would have gotten attacked and overtaken by the guards and by the guests. Saying that the Oberon family was hated by the high vampire society was an understatement. The only reason why they didn't show it and held back their comments tonight was because of Antonio and their grandfather, Vincent, who was an elder. Xavier would have been embarrassed, but he felt too tired and dizzy to care. "I'm fine. I just want to go home."

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